Carmen’s Hypnosis Fetish Explained

Hypnosis fetish – yes, I certainly have one! Hypnotizing someone definitely gets me off! Something about having complete control over someone and putting them at my sexual mercy is, oh so fucking hot… Here’s what I mean!

My hypnosis fetish gives me (and usually a lucky man) the most intense orgasms EVER. If cumming hard is one of your goals, keep reading!

I’ll put you at ease, make you feel relaxed as you slowly lose control over your surroundings. It doesn’t matter what you want. I’ll play with your cock just as much as I’ll ignore it. I fucking decide what happens, if/when/how you get to cum. You’ll become part of my mind control sex stories as I make you do whatever pleases my fancy.

I can make you spread my pussy lips and lick me clean, until I cum over and over again on your face. Or I can climb on top of you and force you to cum inside me. If I want to humiliate you by making you my human toilet, I will. I’ll bend you over and fuck you with my 12-inch strap-on. Or I can just as easily make you worship my feet by licking and sucking each of my ten toes.

The best part about my hypnosis fetish? It doesn’t matter what you usually like. You won’t have control over what makes you cum and your cock will burst into a nice big load of jizz when I want it to.

So cum explore your fetishes with me! I welcome all fetishes! Whether you have a cum fetish, a foot fetish, or a pregnancy fetish, or just want to have some good old fun with a nice rape fantasy…give me a call at 1-888-413-5974 for the best fetish phone sex on the kingdom!