A carefully crafted TRAP

Jake was arrogant, rude, and an all around asshole. My friend Tasha still got involved with him because she just couldn’t stay away from bad boys. Jake thought that he was going to get away with cheating on Tasha and breaking her heart when she caught him in the act. He had another thing coming to him…a carefully crafted trap!

When Tasha came to me crying she just didn’t know what to do, Jake and his squeeze hadn’t seen her catch them at his apartment. “What do I do?” She cried and I rubbed her back shushing her and soothing her. “Don’t tell him you know…I have a plan” I reassured her. Tasha was friends with Anna too and knew Anna’s secret. She knew Anna had been teaching me but now because she was still not back at classes and grooming her profession into something bigger the lessons had become few and far between but I had learned just enough.

You know what they say about knowing just enough? How dangerous can it be? It’s not a saying it’s a truth that many take for granted. So I called Anna up that night and had a long talk with her and she put me in touch the Tanya. Tanya was beautiful with her dark hair and green eyes. I knew she was perfect and so I filled her in.

I knew how Jake just couldn’t resist a new hot piece of ass to add to the notches on his bed post or the gloating he liked to do.

So I arranged it perfectly Jake met Tanya at a bar he frequented with his boys and me and Tasha had a girls night. She was still upset but she felt the sweet bitter pleasure of the plan blossoming. Tanya got Jakes number and teased him for a few days. Everything was going perfectly and finally the weekend came. The trap was all set. Jake took her back to his place. Tasha had left her parent’s old nanny cam in the room to record them while I and she snuck into the house and waited in the living room listening to the techno beats coming from the bedroom.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Jakes shout of panic and shock was priceless.

The music turned off and things were tossed around. “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” We could hear him shout. I stifled my giggles watching him stumble out of the room. He saw us and was like a deer in the head lights. “I see you finally found Tanya’s surprise….Anna said to tell you that you can go fuck yourself” I told him. Tasha laughed while Jake looked between us.

He was frozen in utter confusion but I did not miss Tanya come walking into the living room her big hard on bouncing with each step she took. She moved over to Jake and Tasha took the opportunity to take a photo. “You do everything I say or this goes around campus” Tasha informed him.

I just love a good trap, don’t you?

Did I get that cock throbbing?

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