Car Sex: Taking a Ride From Coach P.. or did I give Coach P. the ride? 🙂

I’m not in school anymore, but that didn’t stop me from having car sex with the football coach from my old high school the other night! There was a full on blizzard raging, and I was out and about. I slid off of the road and ran into a ditch! I cursed, slammed the steering wheel and spun the tires. Then I pleaded with the car. I prayed to the god of silly people who do dumb shit like drive in blizzards. None of it made the least bit of difference, of course!

I finally got out of my car, and after giving it a good sound kick to the front driver’s side tire and hurting my foot, I limped down the road in near whiteout conditions. There were NO cars out, and I was over 2 miles away from home. I pulled the hood of my coat over my head and just kept walking against the wind. It was SO fucking cold. I didn’t even have a pair of gloves! And underneath my coat, I was only wearing a thin t-shirt. My jeans had holes in them at the knees.

(Hey, I never said I was an expert in winter storm preparedness! lol. My only defense? I had to get the bread and milk!)

I suddenly heard the sound of a truck behind me. Then I turned and it pulled up to a stop. The driver rolled down the window and said: “get in, Jenna!” WTF! Who was in the car? I squinted but couldn’t see through the snow. I decided I didn’t care WHO it was at this point and jumped in the passenger side. Then I pulled my hood off and smoothed my tangled hair back out of my face, and who do I see but Coach P! I LOVED Coach P in high school! I had such a crush on him from the time I was a freshman until I graduated.  He was older, of course, salt and pepper hair, still nicely muscled, and the most dreamy bright  blue eyes!

I smiled at him and batted my eyelashes and greeted him in my coy, school girl voice, “Hiiiii, Coach P!”  He smiled back and asked me what I was doing out in such horrible weather. As he was talking, he was checking out my t-shirt clinging tightly to my big perfect tits.

My coat had fallen open, and my shirt was both v-cut and a bit short. It was riding up my stomach, showing off my navel piercing. As I was explaining I had been to the grocery store, to my surprise and shock, he leaned over and started playing with the pretty butterfly-shaped jewelry. “This is new since high school!” I could feel an instant tingle in my tight teen pussy and was suddenly glad I was wearing my hottest, shortest black lacy boyshorts underneath my pants. I felt his hand slide down my thigh and to my knee, reaching in and rubbing it through the hole in my ragged jeans! “And your jeans seem to have unneeded built-in air conditioning!”

I stared up at him, batting my lashes again and said “Coach P! If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were hitting on me!”

He looked right through me with those riveting blue eyes and said, “We’re not in school anymore, Jenna. You aren’t my student. I’m not your teacher. But we could ALWAYS pretend. I’ll bet you still have your cheerleading outfit, and I’ll bet it still fits just as snug in all the right places!” I just smiled at him and licked my lips, nodding a yes. He stopped the car and put it in park, right there in the middle of the road! He turned off the engine and stuck the keys in his jacket pocket. With one strong arm, he pulled me across the seat of his old vintage Ford truck and I was quickly snugged tightly up against him. I looked up into his eyes and before I knew it, his lips were roughly kissing mine, his big hands slipping inside my coat and touching everywhere at once.

I had some of THE BEST car sex of my life, stopped right there in the middle of the highway, where anyone could have come by at any moment! I’m meeting him again at my house tonight – when I open the door I’ll be wearing my old cheer uniform! Call me to hear more about our car sex! I’ll even send you some pics of me with my pom poms. 😉

Teen Phone Sex!