I Was About To Have Car Sex With My Friend’s Boyfriend

I really love my best friend, but recently I did something that would no doubt hurt her. if she found out about it, and I hope she never does.And  I slept with her boyfriend. So I went to a party a few weeks ago and I had more than I should have to drink. And the only person that was going my way home was my friends boyfriend. And he was so nice to offer to take me. We chatted in the car on the way home and I was feeling a little amorous after all I’d had to drink. And for some reason as he was driving, I reached over and started to rub his cock through his jeans. And he got hard in about five seconds. I felt like a teenager about to have car sex.

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We Jumped Into The Backseat And Began To Make Out

He didn’t tell me to stop, in fact, he turned down a side road . And told me he’d always found me very pretty and he wanted to fuck me. I was not wanting to stop anything he was going to start. We climbed into the backseat and began to make out, touching and kissing each other. The windows were steamed up in no time flat. I was so wet for him, I could feel how hard I made his cock and I was so turned on. I felt his tongue slide into my mouth as I stroked his cock up and down. And he was just as turned on as I was, about to have car sex.

My Friend Was The Last Thing On My Mind

He pulled my skirt up and pulled my panties down and in no time flat his cock was inside of me. I grabbed at his ass cheeks and pulled him closer to me and I wrapped my legs around him not letting him escape. My friend was the last thing on my mind as I began to fuck her boyfriend in earnest in the back of his car. On a lonely country road in the middle of the night. He was hung, he had to be nearly nine inches, and stretched me out well. And I was loving how far inside he got, all the way up to the balls. As he pounded my cunt.

He sucked on my nipple he’d pulled free on my blouse and bra. And making my nipples all hard as he rubbed and kissed and sucked on them. The car echoed with the sound of wet, squishy noises my cunt made as he plunged in and out of me. As well as our moans and orgasmic sounds. It was fucking hot and I wanted to cum all over his hard dick and then milk him dry with my pussy contractions and soon enough, I did. I screamed as I came, and that triggered him.

And all of a sudden I was filled with a torrent of cum, shooting squirt after squirt into me. And my pussy sucked it all up inside of me. I hadn’t planned on having any car sex when I went to the party that night. Let alone with my best friends boyfriend, but it was the hottest sex I’d had in a long time.

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