“OK, now concentrate,” I said to my patient on my couch. “Concentrate on the crystal, feel everything else slip away. Look deeply into it, see the shapes moving within it, feel the shapes moving out. In and out. Your body is starting to relax; you can feel the wave slowly washing over you. It’s starting at the top of your head, moving down over your eyes, past your nose, down to your lips, your neck, your shoulders. It’s slowly snaking down your arms right down to the ends of your fingertips, down your chest, through your stomach, past your hips, down your legs and right to the very tips of your toes. You are now completely relaxed. Yet as I count back from 10 to 1 you will feel yourself slip even further back, until you are only aware of the sound of my voice. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2… 1.”

Kat was a chronic masturbator. She recently lost another job because she was always in the bathroom or somewhere playing with herself or looking for someone to play with. She was intriguing and she was stunning when she cleaned up, but she always had that “just fucked” look. This session was supposed to be one to help her stop, but I wanted to watch her. I thought about this woman a lot and I wanted her.

After the initial questions, I got down to business. “Kat, make yourself comfortable. Take off your clothes and dance for me.” I clicked my remote and music filled the room. She got up and her fingers went right to her vagina. She honestly couldn’t help but touch herself. She stood up on the couch and placed her hands on the walls exposing her tight ass and pussy to me. She wore such a short dress. Oh, she was hot. I moved my hands under my skirt to feel my wetness.

“Kat, open that box on the table,” she immediately stopped and picked up the rectangular box. “I want you to use that on you. I want you to fuck that big fat dildo dick for me, Kat. Do you understand? I want you to fuck that big fat dildo dick.”

“Fuck that big fat dildo dick,” she repeated, and leaned back and stuck it up her pussy and let out a moan.

I was so hot watching her perfect body take that big cock. She placed the dildo on the couch and sat on it. She bounced up and down, her puffy nipples aching to be sucked. As she bounced up and down, she rubbed her clit. Faster and faster she moved, her skin flushed, her moans getting louder… And she started to squirt all over my couch! I came so hard and so suddenly, I slipped down in my chair almost losing it on its wheels.

“Kat, when I clap my hands you will completely wake up. You will remember nothing of what has happened today. Instead, you will think we have had a great hypnotherapy session. You will only masturbate once more today and you will think of me.”

After she left, I grabbed the dildo she was fucking and sucked and licked all her yummy juices. And stuck it up inside me. I couldn’t wait for our next session.

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