Can’t Please Your Wife? I can!

Being married can be so boring.  The same routine day in and day out can take a toll on anyone’s sex life.  Sure, you have thought about her with other men, but you know if she gets a feel for a real man’s cock she will never be interested in you again.  Bringing another girl into the bedroom seems like the perfect plan for you both.  You get to fulfill every man’s fantasy, and you get to spice things up for your wife.  Little did you know any woman can become a lesbian if the right woman comes along.

  We have known each other for a while and I have always told you how sexy your wife is.  Its no secret I am dying to taste her sweet pussy.  You invite me over for a few drinks and for a dirty threesome.  Too bad letting you join in on the fun wasn’t part of my plan.  You are there to be a spectator and to see how pleasing a woman is really done.

After getting that sexy wife loosened up seducing her is easy.

 We begin kissing and fondling each other’s tits.  We undress each other, almost forgetting you are even in the room.  Our hard nipples pressed together, tongue intertwined, our soft moans have you hard as a rock.  I lay her back, legs over my shoulders, and a firm grip on her thighs as I slowly lick her dripping wet pussy.  She is loving ever flick of my tongue as I circle her clit.   Her thighs are shaking as I tongue fuck her cunt, drinking her sweet pussy juice.  You have never seen her get so wet or moan so wildly.

I look over at you, stroking your cock, looking so lonely.  Don’t you wish you could make her scream like that?

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