I was 18 when I did some work at the local hospital. I was a candy striper and I loved doing it. One day stands out over all the others. I was following the nurse around that I helped when I came upon a man’s room. He was lying in the bed, flat, staring up at the ceiling.

I walked into his room and stood there for a moment. I was waiting for some type of movement from him. I walked over to the bed and pulled his chart. His name was clearly written at the top, and right next to it was the word quadriplegic. I looked up at him and saw his face for the first time. Damn he was handsome! I walked to the side of the bed to get a closer look. My pussy pulsed as I looked at him. I spun around and locked his door.

When I got back to the bed I had already pulled my dress up, and my panties were off. I climbed onto his bed and started to play with his cock. He moaned slightly, but I knew he wasn’t feeling me. Although he had no feeling, his cock was getting hard. I tugged on him harder now. After I got him fully erect, I straddled his waist and pressed my honey pot down on him.

I tried not to let out a moan as I took all 9.5 inches of him inside of me! He fit like a glove all the way inside. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to just sit on top of him. I started to rock back and forth some, but I realized it was waking him. Instead of slowing down, I sped up! I really started to fuck him hard now! His eyes shot open and immediately found mine! I grinned as I was bouncing up and down. “What the fuck are you doing?!?!?!” “Shhhh…you don’t want anyone to hear us. I know you like seeing a pretty girl ride your dick! Enjoy it and I won’t tell anyone how perverted you are!”

I leaned back and thumbed my button. I could feel my release approaching fast. I paused for a moment, right at the top of that orgasm, and then rode it all the way down! I felt his cock get huge and then start to pump his cum inside of me! Even though he couldn’t feel me; I knew he was very aroused watching!

I swung my leg off the bed and fixed my cute outfit. I grabbed a wet towel to clean him off with, and then myself. I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss! “You’ll see me again big cock!” I turned around and quickly left, looking for the nurse I was supposed to be shadowing!



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