I love candle wax play!

When I engage in candle wax play, usually I am the recipient. If you can handle the mess that comes along with it, hot wax is a gentler way to begin spicing up your sex life.  If you are at all interested in the BDSM scene but find it too intimidating to use some of the more aggressive implements, wax is the way to go.  I like to use wax as a fun little tool combined with a bit of BDSM. One of my favorite memories involving wax play, was when I took this guy’s virginity freshman year of college. I wanted to rock his world when I took his virginity so that he would remember me as his first and best fuck. I love virgins because they are all so impressionable!

Their entire sexual view becomes shaped entirely around what I like and how to please me! Completely absent of the corruption of what other girls like, all they know is what I have taught them! I invited him from one of my classes to come watch movies with me and take edibles. Before he came over I ventured to my drug dealer downstairs. I always got a fantastic discount because he wanted to fuck me! This buff felon had a pink rainbow mohawk and a tattoo of his ex-wife’s name across his chest. I once told him that he had nice teeth and he pulled the entire row out and showed me that they were fake.

Some guy uppercut his whole row of teeth out in jail.

Cute, but not my type, I just liked to dangle myself in front of him and receive free shit. By the time I arrived back upstairs, the guy from my class was waiting for me at the door to let him into the place. I led him into the apartment and we ate a fancy little dinner of beef pan-fried noodles and orange chicken. We took the edibles right before we ate so they kicked in shortly after we finished eating.  We chatted for about another hour when we really felt it. At that point, I leaned over the chair that he sat on and kissed him. As we made out, I climbed into his lap and rocked against the hard-on in his pants. It was time for the candle wax play.

I unzipped them and then pulled his cock out. Then I jerked him off while we made out and then I pulled his belt off and bound his hands behind his back with it. I took his shirt off and grabbed one of the dinner candles from the table. I lit the candle and slowly tipped it in the direction of his bare chest. His shoulders flexed as the wax hit his flesh. I slid my panties down and crawled back onto his lap. I eased myself down onto his cock and started squatting up and down over it! Then, after I came all over his cock, I demanded he cum in me and stared directly into his eyes.

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candle wax play