I was my neighborhood’s naughty babysitter… can I be YOURS? 

All the neighborhood dads knew about me. I was their best kept secret from their boring wives! All the moms LOVED me. Helpful ‘lil Zoey, always willing to babysit at the last minute when another sitter fell through. I never took the extra money these women offered me – I didn’t want anything… from THEM! I knew at the end of the night, when mom and dad came home, the tots were in bed, and it was time for the helpful neighborhood babysitter to go home – lonely, HORNY hubby was going to give me a ride!

Some played hard to get, but I knew they were just putting on a show. They’d heard ALL about me. How, as they were driving, I would slide over until my hot young body was right up against them; and look up into their eyes with my big, innocent looking baby blues – all the while my hand making it’s way into their lap, rubbing that hard bulge that popped up just from looking at me. Before they could protest, I had that zipper down in record time, and their hard, throbbing dick was in my hand getting jerked. If THAT didn’t completely convince them to give in to their naughty babysitter? I just leaned over and wrapped my sexy pink lips around that big fat cock! I don’t think there was ONE neighborhood dad who EVER said no to pulling over and giving me a hard fuck after THAT!

I miss being the naughtiest babysitting slut in the whole neighborhood. ALL those different dicks pumping in and out of ALL my tiny holes! Could you call me up so we could pretend? I won’t tell, I promise! All I want is to be dirty with you, no strings attached!



Zoey xoxo


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