It’s that time of year again, I’ve always loved the idea of being a camp counselor and getting away from my life in the summer. This is my fourth year being a camp counselor for Teen Campers Have Fun, but it definitely won’t be my last year! Getting to know all the young boys, none older than 17.. what I would like to do with them when the lights go out hehe. I really wanted to fuck.. I was so horny and since that first year I realized all these boys are horny too! They started cumming to me and next thing you know, we were sneaking off to the woods and they would fuck me right in the dirt, up against a tree, even down by the lake! These “young”  boys sure knew how to please a lady.

It all began when we were playing a few games of twister, it was a rainy night and we wanted to stay active! So we had about 4 twister mats and we sort of linked them all together and play a huge game pf twister. Boys and girls, in and all around we were touching all over each other. I knew I couldn’t be the only camp counselor enjoying this! It was definitely a struggle for the young men not to get their little pricks excited. This game was getting hot an their cocks were getting hard, I had to play with one of them tonight!

I stayed behind to help pick up the twister mats and clean up all the cups and snacks. A couple of the guys also stayed behind to “help” me out so to speak. There was no reason for words and they both knew exactly what they wanted from me, and I knew what I wanted from them! We finished cleaning up and I told them to follow me, I had my own secret place in the woods. They followed close behind when we came to a very green spot, surrounded and covered by plants and trees, the only light was that of the moon peaking through the cracks of the leaves. Before I knew it the boys were taking their clothes off, cocks rock hard already! Mmmm just the way I like em, ready for me to fuck! I lay down in the green of the woods and they both begin to fuck me, gently and slowly as if they were scared… I had one who came in behind and he began to fuck and thrust inside my tight asshole, moving slowly. While the other one was in front of me, he began to  fuck my little wet pussy and just kept slamming in hard, bouncing his body off of mine, getting our bodies all dirty with dirt and leaves. I love double penetration and I didn’t want it to stop. All though young they knew what to do and their dicks weren’t so bad either. It wasn’t long before they came though, all inside me.. cum oozing out of both my holes. I’m always very grateful to be given these opportunities to fuck. I love being a camp counselor and the best part is every year the boys start changing hehe let’s see who I want to fuck next!

Could it be you?

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