I Came Into His Boxers

It was the beginning of the semester and I really needed extra money for school. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make this possible. While I was home I noticed that Mr. Day was outside in his backyard. I walked over and asked if he needed help with anything. I explained my situation and we agreed upon a price and chores I could do. Little did I know what I’d be doing with his boxers!

I went over the next day and started with the large pile of laundry. I took a load upstairs and started putting it away. I noticed he had some boxers lying out on the bed. I walked over and ran my hand across them. I got the naughty idea to masturbate in them, fold them back up and left them there for him to wear when he gets home.

I slowly undressed and slipped into them. I got comfy on his bed and started to rub my already wet pussy. My blood was rushing through my ears so I didn’t hear the bedroom door open. I felt his eyes on me before I knew he was there. I looked up and made eye contact. I was frozen with fear.

He walked over, pushed his hand down the boxers I was wearing, and started to rub on my wet and swollen pussy. I started to moan with shock and pleasure. I started to reach for his crotch but he pushed my hand away. He was rubbing harder and faster now. I came with a great burst of ecstasy. After he pulled his hand out, he undid his pants and pulled my face towards his cock!

I spent the next few moments sucking on him until he came in my mouth. As he was cumming he asked me not to swallow it. He pulled my face up to his and kissed me deeply and passionately as he pulled his cum from my mouth. We exchanged it back and forth for a few moments before pulling apart.

I really need to make my way over to Mr. Day’s again 😉 That man knows just how to make my little cunt tight and wet! I’m really looking forward to our next fuck session!

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