I was buying shoes the other day and got a funny feeling from one of the young, male shoe clerks. He was really looking at my legs and holding my feet in a way that could be considered not exactly professional. I sat down and he brought some boxes out of different shoes I’d picked out and I could just tell he had a thing for feet. He seemed to caress my foot when it was in his hand, not something a clerk should be doing, but I let him, I didn’t stop him.

He said he had to go back to the stock room for a moment to look for something and I had a feeling it had more to do with that bulge in his pants and I laughed as he ran back there. There wasn’t anyone else in the store, so I followed him back there and he was indeed furtively masturbating behind a shelf of shoes. I could hear him breathing heavy and see his arm going back and forth quickly. I walked up behind him and he didn’t hear me until I was literally behind him. He was just in his late teens. He looked as red as a beet when he saw me and tried to zip up and all, but I said don’t worry, keep doing it.

I sat down on the stool that was beside the shelf and in my stocking covered feet lifted my legs so my feet were on his cock. He got this look of ecstasy on his face when my nylon covered feet came in contact with his cock. His hand fell away and I jerked him off with my feet and in a matter of seconds he came on my feet and the little white drops of cum soaked into the stockings. He looked embarrassed, zipped up and said “thank you, please don’t tell my boss.” I laughed and said not to worry, I had no such plans. I then walked out, put my shoes back on and left the store. I think I made his day, fuck, I bet I made his year!