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call girl stories start with her first job interview as a paid escort… I remember it was summer before my freshman year at university. My father had just lost his job and money was scarce. My friend recommended a way to earn money to supplement my needs. The idea of working as a hostess in a swinger’s club was never a thought that had passed my mind especially since I was truly inexperienced when it came to sex.

The day of my interview I went wearing a short skirt and sheer top the owner kept eyeing me as I sat and answered his questions. Sometimes blushing when I didn’t understand the words that he used to describe what happens at the club in adult sex stories. That’s when I started to cry telling him that I had never done anything more than straight sex with my one boyfriend. And didn’t know if I ever even had an orgasm.

His voice was calming


as he assured me that I would be appreciated at the club didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want. Before I knew it, he was caressing and kissing me. My tears stopped as he started to undress me. Letting my clothes fall to the floor as he led me to the couch but eventually, we ended up on the floor. He started to whisper in my ear telling how beautiful and sexy I was, I was melting into him as I surrendered.

I felt his mouth as he kissed and licked from my neck down my chest as he sucked and nibbled on my nipples. He spent time kissing and caressing my breasts, and sucking on my pretty nipples. I remained mostly passive as he did this, but I obviously enjoyed the attention.

 I felt his hand reach between my legs

opening me and exploring my pussy one finger at a time. I made an attempt at protest but could not get the words to come as the pleasure overtook me. His efforts paid off and in only a minute or two I suddenly groaned with pleasure as I orgasmed.

I was surprised and delighted by how quickly I had cum! Making my desires known by thrusting my genitals against his hand eagerly. Taking the hint, he started stroking me again. Almost immediately I came a second time, more intensely than the first. My moans of pleasure were louder and fuller, and the shuddering in my body was stronger.

Encouraged, he promptly continued masturbating me. To my delight, I was able to orgasm again and again. After each climax, he gave me just the slightest pause to catch my breath before giving me the next. And I accepted each orgasm enthusiastically.

I felt his mouth covering my pussy

as his tongue spread my lips and push deep inside me. He licked me with relish. In what seemed like seconds I felt the tightness in my stomach as the waves of extasy overcame me. I was pleased to discover that I orgasmed readily from oral stimulation as well.

This was the first time I had ever felt that way and I was addicted and wanted more. At the start of each climax, I thrust my pussy against his face and cried out loudly in ecstasy. My body would shudder for a few seconds as I grunted softly. Yet afterward, I was able to achieve another climax easily, almost right away. He licked me to several orgasms before switching back to using his fingers.

He masturbated me steadily

in amazed delight while I continued having orgasm after orgasm. At this point, I had already had maybe a dozen orgasms in a row but did not want to stop. I was more than happy to keep cumming for as long as he wanted to stroke me.

My cries became screams, and soon I was howling loudly with delight with each of my many climaxes. The smell of woman-sex filled the air, and my pussy was drenching wet. I squirmed on the floor as my body shuddered with ecstasy again and again. Finally, after at least four or five more climaxes later, I pushed his hand away from my crotch.

“You’ve… you’ve got to let me rest!”

I gasped. Sitting up and drawing my knees up to my chin, curling myself into a ball. I was shaking.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“No,” I said as I leaned my head against my arms. “No, I’ve got to


“I’m sorry,” he said hugging me. “Do you usually respond like that?”

“Not like that,” I said. “You really know how to use your hands!”

We got up and sat on the couch together. I was still nude and he was still completely clothed. After a while, I stopped shaking and seemed relaxed. After a few minutes, I turned to him and said, “I would like more now.”

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