When my girl, Tia said she had access to a beachfront property for a week, I was ready to go. The fact that it is on a tropical island makes it even better. However, I wasn’t expecting the amazing cabana boy vacation sex.

A friend of Tia’s parents owns the property and told them any of her family was welcome to use it this month. Tia was happy to claim this week and make it our girl’s trip.

It has been some time since I had a vacation and I definitely need some beach time. Upon arriving, we see the property is part of an exclusive club. It comes with a ton of perks. 

Of course, cabana boy vacation sex isn’t one of those but I am getting it anyway!

We have staff that comes to our place and bring meals, clean, take care of laundry, and much more. Massages, personal training, and a chef is even available for us.

Be still my heart, this is a dream vacation. We are on the beach with a pool as well. The climate is dreamy and we leave the doors and windows open to allow the breezes to flow through. 

My first interaction with the cabana boy isn’t cabana boy vacation sex. It is when he is serving us drinks on the beach. I am immediately drawn to his good looks and sexy body.

I start flirting with him on the second set of drinks. 

The following day, I am on the beach by myself when he comes to see what I need. Of course, I am careful not to scare him and go slow with my flirting. However, I let him know I like what I see.

He is flirting back and by the end of the day, he is slipping me his number. We start chatting and discussing the fun we can have. I let him know I want to fuck his brains out with some cabana boy vacation sex.

The next morning when the girls go sightseeing, I stay in to “rest.” My new hottie friend shows up as he is off today. He tells me what a Naughty MILF I am and how much he loves it.

Of course, I tell him he has no clue how wild I am. How I happily fuck all my neighbors back home. 

I also tell him how I am providing the best MILF Phone Sex. He is finding this intriguing and has many questions. Additionally, I let him know we can get all those answered later. 

Right now, I want to touch and feel him. Then, I want to ride his cock for some hot cabana boy vacation sex. We start making out. He is good with his hands as he is exploring my beautiful firm breasts and body.

As I slide down his stomach, I am happy to find a nice big cock. Oh, what a lovely surprise. My pussy is dripping wet and I want to fuck him now! I push him back on the bed and climb on that monster dick. 

Of course, that is just the start of our fun that day. If you want to know how I rocked his world, you have to call me!

Cabana Boy Vacation Sex