You really only think of kids when you think of summer camp, but counselors are grown ups and they are at camp too, usually trying their best to keep the young ones in line. Sometimes though, in the woods, in the night, roles get reversed, lines get crossed, things happen that perhaps shouldn’t.

I was a camp counselor when I went to college, it helped earn money for school and  it wasn’t bad, I got to be outdoors a lot and it wasn’t quite a vacation, but it was a lot more fun than most other summer jobs would be. There were more than a few teenage boys over the years that I, um, turned from boys to men shall we say? They look so good, and sound so sweet and I literally just couldn’t control myself.


This one year there was this really adorable one and I swear he had a boner half the time I talked to him. I always tried to ignore it and not let on I knew, but he pitched a tent anytime I went around him and it was pretty obvious he liked me and had a crush on me. He even wrote me a poem and it was so sweet.

He tagged along everywhere I went.
There were times when we were alone and once he told me that He had just turned 18 and had confessed that he  was still  a virgin. I reassured him that  he would lose his virginity in time and not to worry. I let him know that I thought that he was attractive.
I smiled at him as I saw that he was staring at my tits.

One night he was outside and I was outside for some fresh air, the cabins didn’t have air conditioning and I was very hot and he must have been outside for the same reason, and I walked over to him, I was just in the long, baggy oversized tee shirt I wore to sleep in and no one else was around and I reached over and squeezed his crotch, since even just in the moonlight I could see his bulge. He gasped and stared at me and looked so shocked, yet pleased at the same time. I flashed a smile at him and told him to follow me and we walked together.We didn’t talk much but it was like we both knew what was about to happen.  We were sitting on a picnic table near the edge of the lake and I reached forward to give him a kiss and he pulled me close and anxiously kissed me back . I reached inside his boxers and gave him a  hand job. I’m not sure if he’d ever had one before or not, but he came pretty fast.

He took all of about two minutes to get hard again and I knew I wanted him, right then and right there. I wasn’t wearing any panties and as he sat there, I just straddled him and sank down onto his cock and he was so hard, so young, so sweet and it felt fantastic in my pussy. The breeze blowing off the lake cooled us as we fucked right there on the picnic table we’d had lunch on that very afternoon. I slowly rotated my hips and ground my stiffened clit against the base of his cock and he sucked on one of my breasts he’d pulled out the low cut neck of the tee shirt.

I could feel his balls getting firmer the longer I rode him and knew he was not far from cumming in my cunt right there. I shuddered and came on his cock, biting my lip to avoid alerting the nearby sleeping campers. As soon as he felt me cum, he blew his young load inside of me and we just sat there catching our breath, his young, teen cock still inside of me.

   Those summer camps sure added a lot to my young adulthood, and I think the handful of young guys I led into manhood likely feel the same after all these years as well.
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