I love to spoil my princess.  Her devotion and servitude has no bounds.  I took her to a new restaurant which recently opened downtown.  She looked incredible in that sexy black dress. Everyone could see we were crazy for one another.

What they could not see was the huge butt plug she had been wearing. We strolled the streets afterward handed in hand.   Every step she took she felt the pressure and the servitude of her anal devotion. When we arrived home, I kissed her gently on her lips and slowly began to apply pressure to her neck.  I know when to relieve the pressure.

She is aware of this yet for some unknown reason she reached up to pull my hand away. She immediately put it back to her side but the look in her eyes knew she was too late.

She felt the hard sting of a slap to her ass cheek.   No words were spoken.  She knew why.  What she didn’t expect was another hard sting on her left cheek.   I had not used my left hand for some time.   She was not expecting that. “Do not raise your hands to me princess” I said in a soft but strong voice.   “I am sorry sir” she replied.

“Remove your panties” I instructed.  “Yes sir” she responded.   She took them off and showed them to me.   She didn’t put them down.  What a good girl, I thought.   They were soaked from the day’s activities. “Stuff the panties into your mouth and go retrieve the masking tape, vibrating butt plug, and some lube”.    She did as she was told.     She placed the said items on the table next to us lined up two inches apart as she was taught.

“Turn around princess” I instructed.   She immediately placed her hands against the wall. She heard my belt buckle loosen up. She doesn’t like the belt.  However, in our current attire, it just seemed appropriate for me.   With butt plug still inserted I raise the back of her dressed, exposed her perfect ass and began the spanking.  Between the smacks and her ass full with the butt plug I could tell she was getting close.

I lubed up the vibrating butt plug and began to massage her asshole with it and slowly inserted it deep inside while on its highest vibration and continued the spanking.   Her muffled moans were getting louder and louder.  I knew she was close so I wanted to see how loud she could scream.    I reached for the vibrating butt plug and slowly removed it but decided to keep the widest part spreading her rectum wide in full vibration.  Within seconds she screamed with all her might. She squirted cum all over the wall.

While still in her heels she cleaned up her mess.    I promised her the horse this evening if she handled herself appropriately which is where we are heading next…..



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