Butt Plug Training: Preparing Your Ass for Total Submission

For starters, I absolutely love training subs.  Turning you into my own private fuck toy is what I live for.  Owning you, breaking you, recreating you.  On one hand, this is something many of you live for.  On the other hand, it might be something you have always needed but haven’t yet been able to partake in.  I want to do you the favor of taking you further into the depths of your own depravity.  I know that butt plug training is what you need.  That being said, seeing your submission is my pleasure. I love Adult Chat!

You must be conditioned for my pleasure.

Due to your physiology,  your ass is where a lot of your submission will take place.  For some of you over-eager little sluts, anal domination is key.  You know you need to be used, and it is up to me, your Mistress, to train you and to prepare you for your submission to my total domination.  As I condition you and your asshole to my rule, your pleasure will come from the knowledge that your body no longer belongs to you.  No, it belongs to me now.

Obtain an anal training kit.

To begin, I recommend jumping in headfirst; purchase an anal training kit.  Whatever brand or type you get, you must stay far away from plugs and toys that have a jelly-rubber core or are constructed using PVC.  It is true, these products can be more flexible and comfortable inside you.  However, they are made with phthalates, which are chemicals used to soften plastic so that it’s more flexible.  These chemicals are not body safe.  Googling “phthalate-free butt plugs” or “phthalate-free anal training kit” will produce the search results that are best.  With the right products, you will be better prepared for your butt plug training.

Next, it’s go time.  You’re excited and your ass is just puckering in anticipation for my careful direction.  Even more, you’re imagining what it will be like to have this connection with me when you and I are not able to speak.  As you go about your day, working, running errands, spending time with your friends, I am there, owning your little fuckhole.  You feel my total control inside you when you walk.

You were born to be my bitch.  Hence, you shall abide.

As always, you melt to the sound of my voice.  First, I tell you to pick up one of the gauges of butt plugs in your new collection.  Next, I tell you where you can slide it.  It’s true, you were born to be my bitch.  You were conceived just to be molded by me.  Undeniably, you live to heed my call.

Listen, your fingers aren’t good enough are they?

Previously, you may have attempted to stimulate yourself with some deep ass fingering.  However, that wasn’t quite good enough, was it?  No, what you need is to go further, deeper.  Truly, you need to recognize your futility as a man and carry my ownership of you through your life and into every waking moment.  You need to be trained and dominated like the little emasculated whore you are.  Cleary, you need some butt plug training.

You will wear a butt plug during daily activities, such as going for a run, clocking in at work, going out for a drink.  In this way, your asshole will be better trained and loosened up for a larger gauge of the butt plug.  I will decide when to use your next size of toy.  In so doing, I will make you my toy.

Training you for something greater still.

Absolutely, I know that many of you harbor inside you a deep longing for something more than just butt plug play.  Truly, the longing you have is to be used by a real man.  With butt plug training as the first step, I will direct you in your needy, depraved desire that the massive cock of a strong, masculine man fuck you silly.  Furthermore, I will teach you your place in order that you will know and understand how to behave at the hands of the man who will use you.

While some of you are dreaming of being pounded from behind with one strong, firm hand gripping your hip and the other like a bear claw wrapped around your throat; others dream all day and night about a broad-shouldered man nailing you missionary style, having no other choice but to look up into the eyes of the masculine man lifting your legs above your shoulders and pounding the virginity out of your needy little hole, erasing your manhood forever.

Whatever the case may be, you long for butt plug training.  You desire me to remake you into my little fucktoy bitch.  Therefore, I invite you to give in to that looming need inside of you.  Accept your place, and let me train you.  It is what you need most.

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