Busting His Balls ~ CBT And A Foot Fetish Go Together

Sometimes I need a break from sex, shocking isn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s not a total break. I just like to try something a little naughty and get my pleasure in another way. My choice for last night: CBT. There’s a certain boy who’s into feet and I thought it would be fun to combine the two because how often do foot fetish and cbt go together?  I went all out for Brendan and wore a black latex catsuit with black heels.

He came over to my place and I took charge, ordering him to go to my bedroom and get naked. He smiled at the thought of what was going to happen and tried to hide it as he obeyed me. I followed him into the bedroom, made him lie on the ground and kicked his legs apart. I lifted my foot up and rubbed the tip of my heel over his dickhead. “Do you like my heels?” I asked and slid my foot down his dick. He nodded and I gently rested my foot on the side of his dick and his pubic bone.

“Good, you’re going to be having a lot of fun with them.” I slid my foot under his balls and moved my foot slowly, bouncing them with the top of my foot. He seemed to like that and I did it a bit harder. His dick was hard and a small drop of pre-cum leaked out as he got more turned on. I didn’t want him to enjoy it too much and stopped then took a step back. He looked at me and I told him to keep still, it would be worse for him if he moved. He looked scared but was horny enough to stay where he was.

I gave his balls a kick, not too hard but enough for him to feel it and he groaned, his hands flying to them.

He cradled them and curled up on himself and I gave his ass a kick while telling him to lie back down. After a minute he did and I gave him another kick. He jumped and grabbed the carpet to try and keep still. He was making loud, painful groans and I didn’t think he could take too much of this. I stopped kicking his balls and gave him a minute to rest then put my foot on top of his balls. I leaned forward, pushing my toes into the sore balls. He whimpered.

I kept pressing down, increasing the pain slowly. He bit his lip and was linking back tears as I lifted my foot up, letting the blood flow back into them. I then did it again, harder and faster this time so he’d have less time to get used to it. I kept doing it, squeezing his balls and seeing how far I could push him. He was moaning, whimpering and letting out little cries of pain. His hands kept making fists and pressing into the sides of his thighs. He was breathing hard and I could see a thin line of tears running down his face.

I pressed down one last time and he let out another whimper before I slowly eased my foot up.

     “Okay, I think you’ve had enough CBT fun today,” I said and gave his balls a little kick to end things. He rolled over and got up slowly as he limped towards his clothes and put them on. He winced as he pulled on his briefs and they snugly cupped his bruised balls. I bet he’s still feeling the ache today.

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