Busted & Blackmailed at the Beach

I’ve been dreaming of the beach- the HOT sun, warm breeze, and so many sexy swim trunk clad flavors to choose from. It’s been so cold and icy and the only things I long for are a cute bikini, waves crashing on the shore, some warm sand between my toes, and a cold drink in my hand.

I remember the 1st beach trip I took with my friends. I was about 15, underage for everything and wild as ever. There were about 7 of us, ( guys and girls) cramped in one tiny little hotel room. The security guard at check -in seemed very friendly with Jess and I, so we chatted him up and got the key to our room while the guys got all the stuff out of the cars.  We were only staying for the weekend, and Jess and I agreed to make it a weekend we would never forget. We were the only girls on that trip, which had its advantages. We had plenty of beer and all the shots we could handle. Jess and I threw our bags in the closet and changed into our bikinis and cut offs and headed for the boardwalk, with our red solo cups in hand. BEACH bound baby!

We walked up and down the strip flirting with guys, and then we laid out on the beach for a while. We had met some pretty hot guys that chilled with us, and invited us to come to their beach house for dinner. We hugged them bye and walked from the beach back to our little skanky hotel so we could change. As we were walking up the concrete steps we heard this loud commotion coming from our floor.

” Ohh fuck Anna, it’s the fucking police” Jess looked at me. ” Just keep walking Jess, if we go back down they will know that we are with them” I snapped at her. We walked passed the door and I peered in. I saw Jay getting handcuffed, and one of the policemen was going through my bag. Jay snapped his head for us to get the fuck away. Then the security guard that saw us all together at check in stopped us.

” Hey your friends are in big trouble, one of them was caught on the strip selling dope and the police followed him back here” Just then a policeman came walking up ” Are these girls with the guys in room 212, Dave?” ( I just knew we were fucked)  Dave, waved the officer over and talked with him. Jess and I started to freak. The policeman walked up to Jess and I, ” How old are you?”  and Jess and I both said 18. ” Did you drive here?”  he said. ” No, we rode with Jay and Turner, but we had no idea they had drugs officer, I SWEAR!”  The officer then said ” Well, Jay is gonna have to go to jail because he had a significant amount of marijuana, and Turner will be booked and he can post bail, but it will take at least 8 hours… was anyone else in the room?”  I had no idea where James, Stu and L.J went, so I told the officer ” I don’t think so”  Dave didn’t say a word. The policeman instructed Dave that no one was to enter the room until it had been thoroughly combed thru.

Jess and I stood there watching our friends being put into the police car.  Jess was almost in tears. ” Anna it’s getting dark and we have got to find L.J. , Stu and James and tell them what the fuck happened!”  I had to think. ” But Jess, what if they come back?”

It was decided, I would stay and Jess would go to our new friends house and ask them to help her look for our 3 missing friends. I hung around the hotel front watching the passing cars. All I wanted was to have fun and now I’m out here in front of a shitty little hotel, wearing my bikini top and cut offs and my friends are gone. Some fucking beach trip!!

” So your 18?”

I snapped my head around, and saw Dave smiling. ” Let me see your I.D.”  I looked down shuffling my feet and when I went to speak, My words began to stammer. ” It’s Anna right?”   I shook my head and managed a ” Yep.”  Dave smiled taking a sip of his drink ” You are NOT 18,  16 mayyybe, but not 18″

“Close, 15″ I said, a little afraid of what he would say.

” Don’t worry, I’m not the police” He replied.

Dave sat with me on the bricks in front of the hotel office for a while, we talked about what happened and he even scolded me for hanging around with guys like that. He told me that his best friend owned the hotel, and he could let anyone he wanted stay for free. Then he started asking about a boyfriend, and why he didn’t come with me to the beach.

” He had to work, and besides it’s nice to have time apart” I said.

” So Miss Anna, it’s after 11 and your friend isn’t back, and unfortunately I can’t let you back into that room until I’m authorized”  Dave reminded.  ” Dammnnn, I’d give anything just to get a shower, I guess I’ll just go lay around on the beach until morning” I sighed.

” I can’t let you do that, something could happen to you- How about I let you stay in one of the nicer rooms on the bottom floor, I’m sure I’ve got an extra t-shirt in the office, and there are some little soaps and shampoos in the bathroom”

I jumped up and hugged him ” Thank you thank you thank you Dave!!!”

” One condition Anna”

“Oh? ok what is it?” I asked a bit confused.

” After you get your shower, and get all cozy in my T-shirt you have to let me come in and spend my break with you”

” Sure Dave, no problem” I smiled.

The room he let me in was much nicer than the rat trap we were staying in, and the shower felt so good. I was drying my hair when I heard the knock. I opened the door and let Dave in. ” Wow, that shirt looks a lot better on you than me” we both laughed. Then I notice Dave locked the door. ” This is my favorite room, it’s the nicest one at the hotel. Do you like it?’   I shook my head ” Yeah, it’s nice- You haven’t seen Jess or my other friends have you?”   ” No I havent” He said, his whole demeanor changed.

” You know I could get into a lot of trouble having you in here, I mean your only 15, you came here with a bunch of druggies, and I just had to turn away a couple that wanted to rent this room for a week.”

” Oh, Dave.. I’m so sorry, I can just get my stuff and then I’ll go, I don’t want you getting into any trouble over me” I started to grab my bikini. ” Thats not necessary Anna, however, I do believe that I should get a little something for not telling the cops your only 15, and for not saying a word about your ” other” friends”

” What do you want? I don’t have any money” I started to panic.  ” I want to taste that sweet young pussy” He said.

His stare went right through me. And all I could think was that I was being blackmailed for my pussy.

…To be continued

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