Once when my boyfriend had to go away on business I decided to be a bit mean to him. He was only gone 3 days, but I made it seem a lot longer than that to him. Each night we’d talk on the phone and I’d tease him and make him listen to me masturbate, but he was not allowed to touch himself. I wanted him very horny for when he came back and make him explode. I made him promise not to touch himself or make himself cum the whole time he was away, and it was damned near torture for him to listen to me cum night after night and have him talk dirty to me and guide me in my many orgasms. I could hear the frustration in his voice and every once in a while as I was stroking my pussy I’d say, “You’re not touching now, are you?” and he’d say no, he was hard as a rock, but he would do as he was told and not touch himself since I didn’t want him to until we’d be together in a few more days. I’d even be really mean and read some erotica out loud to him before I’d start to masturbate, and I’m loud when I cum, I knew it would get him crazy to have to listen to that and not join me. When he came home from his trip, I could see the bulge in his pants as soon as he came in to see me. He practically ran to the bedroom dragging me behind him and started kissing me all over. I said not just yet, you’re going to make me cum first again. I pulled off my clothes and straddled his face and he ate my cunt so good, his face was like a glazed donut it was so wet. His cock was so hard it was purple and throbbing. I figured I’d let the poor boy suffer enough and finally lowered myself down onto his cock. He didn’t take long before he was ready to blow, but I got to cum again just before he did. He’d had a rough few of days waiting for this.