Burp fetish makes his night a little stranger!

A burp fetish is the last thing I expected from my fuckbuddy! I mean, the boy is all kinds of fun and kinky. He’s played with me before and let out all his dirty little secrets, starting with cuckolding and ending somewhere near strap-ons. I love playing with his head and giving in to every fetish he thinks of, because he loves how down and dirty I can get. Whether it’s busting out a new toy for him to take, or letting him use them on me. He’s even gotten to enjoy watching me getting fucked and cummed in.. Nothing’s really off limits with this boy! But can you imagine my surprise when he asked me to burp for him? It caught me totally off guard, because he’s never heard me actually burp to start with.

My burps are usually quiet.

Of course, momma raised a lady.. and I learned how to silence them or only let the big ones out when I’m on my own. But this guy wanted me to repeat it for him louder. I was so surprised, I didn’t know what to do. But it was just the two of us alone in a room, so I might as well give it a try. I sucked in a lot more air, and let it out with a loud burp. He was ecstatic. He wanted more of it, back to back, his eyes lit up and his cock somehow growing harder. I have no idea why it turned him on like that, but I kept doing it all night.. Shutting the lady filter off was definitely new for me.

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