BUMP-HER TO BUMPER  LOVE ON THE ROAD is the kind of loving that makes ANY road trip, a little slice of heaven!  When my boyfriend, Kirk and I went on road trips, we always spent a lot of time talking about our childhoods…So, imagine my chagrin when he revealed some, uhhh…shall we say, “family secrets”?  Well, let’s just say…before long, we needed to pull over for a panty change on my part!  And  Kirk could barely clear the bumper when he got out.  But, we still had many miles to travel and it was going to be a bumpy ride!  LOL

He started a bit shyly, by telling me that he’d been keeping something from me and that the only other girl he’d told it to had left him quickly thereafter.  I was peaked.  He went on to explain that his Mom had been a very young mother and was still really shapely and beautiful.  Okay…She liked to party a bit when he was a young boy…and sometimes cum home with a man…sometimes more than one.  Yummy, Mummy!  Right?

Well, turns out, he sat on the stairs, watching her through the balustrades; watched his mother being fucked by the two men who brought her home in a drunken state!  They left her there on the sofa, naked and dripping with BBC Cum!  And his young dick got hard…He went downstairs after the door closed behind the men and with all his strength, he managed to ger her upstairs and straddled, spread-eagle on her bed.  He undressed her and went for a warm washcloth to clean her up.

Once Kirk started cleaning her thighs, he saw it for the first time…All that thick, creamy cum, sliding from her pussy. He could smell it and he became insane with desire to taste her.  She was quite drunk, you see…so, he just took the risk.  He lowered his youthful face and sniffed deeply and before he knew it, his tongue was deep inside her.  I asked if she moaned, or moved…possibly gyrated on his tongue and he said, “Yes.” But, he didn’t consider for a moment that she had been feigning sleep because she too desired him.

All of this as we cruised down the highway to visit, who else?  Yes!  His Mother…How in the world will I keep from slipping from my seat knowing what I now know?  I’d have to quench some of my own thirsts before we got there.  I gave Kirk the look and within a blink his pants were unzipped and his meaty cock was out and winking at me…Such a flirt! LOL. I sucked his cock like it needed life-support and swallowed his warm, thick cum in a blow-job to rival any I’d given before…Hell if I’d let another woman best me in the MAN Department!  Heehee.

I’ll tell you ALL of the deets about what happened after we traveled over the river and through the woods to Mommy’s house.  Waaay too much to share here, but I’ll just leave you with a vision of my waterlogged lips and fingers.  Okay?  On the way home, we talked about other times with his Mom and I got his fine ass out on the open road, leaned him over his bumper and had my own brand of fun with him…Road head is always best when you get out of the car and use that BUMPER, Baby!

Kirk is now considering more thoughtfully whether she was awake and enjoying her baby-boy that first night. And…of course, he continues to eat and fuck his beautiful, stacked, Italian mother, running his tongue through her pussy hair as often as he can…They even play games with each other in public…He’s got clear cuckold tendencies and I’m fine with it!  And Mommy?  She, like me, is what you might call a nymphomaniac…LOL.  I believe he likes his women that way…and also loves them unattainable on some level.  He can fuck us all, but no one lays claim…not even Mommy.  We’re planning a bit of a “family reunion” as a surprise for him.  I guess everything we eat…will be a la carte, eh?  And maybe it’ll be off HIS Bumper! Giggle.  Call me for my personal, cock-twitching, phone sex stories of incest…I’ll leave your cock dripping for me.

Incest Is BEST!


Never Stop Licking At Mommy’s Tits!