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My oldest stepson always hosts a big Super Bowl Sunday party for many of his young college buddies. I usually stay in the kitchen making refills for the food and drinks. I love to help out and enjoy all the eye candy. My son’s friends are all young buff football players at the local college. I didn’t recognize a couple of young men this year: Freshmen, no doubt. I walked in to take a peek at the score, and when I turned to look toward them, I saw that they were both watching me instead of the game. They were really hot but noticeably young. Just barely 18. They were still buff football players. As I walked back to the kitchen, I made sure to watch their eyes as they followed me out of the room. I went to the fridge and grabbed a cold beer.

Thinking to myself as I opened my beer, you still got it, girl!

I almost spilled my drink when I turned around and found the two young buff football players standing behind me. I gasped, then laughed. “Did you want a beer?” I asked, holding the fridge open. “No,” as the dark-haired one pulled me to him and French kissed me. “I think you know what we want.” I stared at him in surprise at how forward he was. I could hear the game blaring, the TV volume was up high, and the other buff football players were in the den, talking and laughing loudly. Most of them were drunk already. I decided this hot wild cougar could get away with a little playtime of my own. 

I took their hands and led both young buff football players down the hall…

Right into my bedroom. I sat on the bed and watched them undress for me. Their muscular bodies made my nipples harden. When I saw both those nice rock-hard cocks, my body went warm all over. The dark-haired young stud pushed my legs up and spread them wide, and started eating my pussy like he was starving. The blonde bombshell pulled me onto my back and shoved his cock in my mouth like he owned it. I was getting it from both ends from two young buff football players and I felt like I was on cloud nine!

I heard a noise and cut my eyes to the door.

My son was standing there and I could see the bulge in his pants. His cock was growing at the site of his friends having their way with mommy dearest. He watched while his friend’s dick pounded my mouth, and the other one tongue fucked my cunt. He pulled his huge hard cock from his jeans and began stroking. I stopped sucking his friend and motioned for him, and he walked over and shoved himself inside my wet mouth. I stroked the friend’s cock with my hand. My son pushed his cock inside my mouth and forced me to take it into my throat.

I went back and forth between both cocks, sucking and stroking hard.

At some point, my son let his friend have my mouth and joined the dark-haired guy between my legs. Let me tell you, two tongues from young buff football players is so much better than one. Then I felt a cock ram balls deep into my wet cunt. I had no idea who it belonged to, but at this point, I didn’t care. It felt so fucking good. Then all the buff football players wanted a hole, so I rode my son while sucking blondie, and the dark-haired stud got behind me and took my tight ass. I love to be full of young buff football players’ hard cocks. When they were ready to cum, they all held on to me tight and sprayed their hot sticky jizz in all my holes.

I’m not sure who won the game, but one thing is for sure, I definitely scored! Do you want to make the winning touchdown with mommy? Call me and get you a dose of addictive MILF phone sex with this hot mama!