Got a Bubble Bath and My Feet Fucked!

Laying in the bath with the bubble and warm water running over my body is one of the best feelings ever. I was home alone and had some music playing as I kept my eyes closed and tried to completely relax myself. I had my feet propped up on the edge of the tub to hold myself in place.

I heard my bathroom door open but didn’t think much of it. It’s been known for opening on it’s own in the past. I slumped down more into my bath and continued tried to drift off. I felt something warm and wet run across my toes. I again didn’t think much about it. I assumed it was just water dripping down my feet.

I cracked my eyes for just a moment. That’s when I saw his face. I let out a small scream but then I realized who it was. Zach is a guy I’d dated a few times but nothing more came of it. I must have left my front door unlocked. He started to suck my toes as he ran his hands up my legs. Although things didn’t work out with us romantically, he was a damn good fuck!

As he started to licked up my leg I pulled myself from the bath and onto the bathroom rug. I took his pants off quickly and pulled my feet together so he could push his cock between them. He LOVED to feel my soft souls wrapped around his dick. It made him so much harder; you’d think he was about to cum. He pushed me feet harder together and became pumping in and out of my arches.

I could feel his cock began to pulse as he was nearing his release. He met that climax fast and hard, dripping cum down my feet and on some of my toes. When he was done, I pulled my feet to my mouth and licked every drop of cum up. He starred with big bug eyes I cleaned my feet completely off. Oh how I love to have my feet cleaned properly!

feet pic

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