Brutal Young Mistress loves the art of CBT- Cock and Ball TORTURE!

Fuck… He looks so pathetic lying there like that. I can not believe a full grown man let a tiny little woman like me tie him down spread eagle on her bed exposed! It is embarrassing for him and I can’t help but wonder what his friends would think if they could see him now. I have always loved the art of the cbt fetish and the sweet satisfaction of seeing a man cry. His cock looks like a pretty little clit limp like that and I really couldn’t resist…

I took the back of my hand and struck his little limp dick several times making him jump and squirm on the bed. He looked so cute fighting my restraints and failing. I laughed so hard as I watched his tiny member growing at the pain and lifted his cock before slapping his balls hard. The fear and desperation in his eyes only made me hungrier as I soaked it all in.

I am straddling him with my ass just above his chest as I stroke his tiny cock and with my free hand pulling out a shiny thick buttplug. It slipped inside him easily and his body immediately reacted. I carefully grasped his tiny cock in my hand and began licking his swollen mushroom tip. His screams filled the room as I proceeded with my cbt fun. We went on and on for what felt like hours as I had my fun with him, but it was never quite enough. Once we were done I locked his violated tiny member in his chastity cage, tested his plug one more time, and left him lying there used and exhausted. Oh that was so much fun!

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