No, my brutal gang rape was not over

Thank god he had used a condom. I wondered if my ordeal was over.  As I felt him pulling his cock out of me I saw him pull off the condom and toss it on the floor.

I now felt a mixture of panic and dread and excitement.  I heard him say to the second guy, “it’s your turn to use her now.”  I lay quietly and watched as the second man rolled a condom onto his large cock. Then the first man took his turn holding me down while the second man climbed on top of me. It was his turn to violate me. He pushed my legs apart and I could feel his cock about to enter my brutal gang rape

“Wow… her cunt is really amazing – still so wet after the pounding you just gave her. She may be enjoying this even more than we are,” laughed my second rapist. While he was mocking me he was also rubbing the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy but never quite pushing it in – delaying the second half of my brutal gang rape. It was taking every bit of self-control I had not to push my hips toward that big dick or start begging him to fuck me. It was bad enough that what he was doing was making my pussy drip. I would never give these guys that satisfaction!

So much for not giving them the satisfaction…

Almost immediately I started pushing my hips toward my rapist and making little whining sounds.  He moved away just enough to tease me.  Finally, the man started pushing his cock inside me very slowly, a little at a time.  He pulled almost all the way out before inching his way back in. This guy had a lot of self-control for a rapist. I think he was enjoying teasing me and fucking with my head more than the Stevie's Secretsactual brutal gang rape.

After another couple of minutes of this teasing torture, rapist #2 looked at me and asked: “do you want me to fuck your pretty little cunt nice and hard?” I didn’t answer him and in response, he pulled his cock out and paused again at my entrance. Then, almost involuntarily I nodded my head “yes.” And then, I’m sure, to nobody’s surprise he responded: “beg me – beg me to rape you, you stupid cunt!” Just like in those sex slave stories I love to brutal gang rape

This unexpected and mostly horrifying pleasure

And, again, to no one’s surprise, I started begging him to fuck me.  After he finally brutally slammed his huge dick into me, I begged him to fuck me harder, which he did. I moaned and screamed with this unexpected and mostly horrifying pleasure and came over and over again. Soon Defiler #2 slammed his cock inside one more time.  He came and collapsed on me, ending this brutal gang rape.

He lay there breathing heavily for a minute and I mumbled something like “thank god this is over.” And both violator 1 and 2 laughed, got off the bed and started getting dressed. One of them said, “oh, this isn’t over, you have more holes for us to abuse.” I briefly considered getting a better security system, more locks, and a pit bull but of course, I never did.


Stevie's Secrets

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