I can remember day-dreaming about my big brother from the time I was old enough to know that sometimes girls and boys did things to each other that felt good, even though they seemed a little weird to me. Once I got older and started to understand more about sex, everything I learned, I wanted to try out with him! I had no idea what “incest” was, let alone that I was having brother/sister incest fantasies! Before I knew it was wrong, and even AFTER,  my big brother was the secret star of ALL my fantasies!

The first time anything happened between us I was 14 and he was 18. My parents were gone, and I was in their bedroom, watching TV. Around midnight, I flipped the channel to Cinemax and wondered, what does “after dark” mean? I soon found out as the scene unfolded before my eyes.  A very muscular and tall blonde guy with blue eyes walked into a bedroom where a sexy young blonde girl was stretched out on the bed – naked and waiting. As he leaned down and kissed her, I could feel the first stirrings of excitement inside my panties. I watched as his hands moved to her tits, my own hands squeezing my perky little tiny tits through my sleep shirt. As he climbed into bed with her and wrapped his tongue around her hard, excited nipple and began to suck, off came my shirt! I was moaning softly as I watched, my fingers toying with my pink puffy nipples, eyes closed.

I had no idea that the bedroom door was cracked, and that my big brother was standing right outside, watching his lil sis! I was too intent on that hot manly mouth working it’s way down the blonde’s stomach – kissing lower and lower until he got to her tiny panties. He didn’t take them off, but pushed them roughly to the side and began licking her pussy – up and down, from her clit all the way to her asshole! I followed suit, excitedly jerking my panties to the side and running my fingers up and down my tight young pussy in time with his licks. He let his tongue slide INSIDE of her, so I licked my finger to get it all wet, and gently slid it inside me. I’d finger fucked myself before, but never while I was watching something dirty! It felt so different! My pussy was SO wet! I whimpered a little and slid my finger in deeper.

All at once, I became conscious of heavy breathing coming from the doorway! I looked up and there was my big brother, watching! I almost screamed and covered up in embarrassment – but then I realized his shorts were pulled down and he was firmly stroking his cock in one hand as he watched me! My face was blood red as I stared up at him, watching HIM now instead of the other way around. That big hard dick twitched and if possible, grew even bigger! I’d seen it before when he showered, but I had never seen it look like THIS! I wanted to touch it SO bad! I reached out for it, but he ignored my hand and pulled me up to my knees. At first I thought he was going to yell at me for being a slutty little sister, watching porn and fingering her snatch. Instead, he slid beneath me, wiggling up the bed until his face was directly beneath my pussy! As his tongue made it’s first contact with my juicy little virgin fuck hole, I instinctively reached down the length of him and wrapped my hand around that thick, hard shaft. His whole body jerked, and I could feel his warm breath as he moaned into his sister’s hot little pussy! I started stroking his cock as he continued licking. It was all SO wrong, but it felt SO right!

… does the taboo thought of touching, kissing, licking, and fucking your little sis turn you on? If so, call me up and we’ll think up our own brother/sister incest fantasy to play out! Or I’ll tell you more about what happened next between me and my big brother!

Your DIRTY lil Sis ZOEY


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