Ever have Brother / Sister Fantasies? Holidays are always kind of crazy whenever it comes to my family. A lot of the time we celebrate the weekend before because people have places to go. That was the case for this fourth of July as well. That meant that me and my family were at my parents place for a good ole barbecue. It was not the burgers or steak that I found myself interested in though.

It was my brother. I had over had Brother / Sister Fantasies for him, but we had not acted on them yet. Watching each other in our sexy swimsuits seemed to peek some unusual interest though. He told me that I looked good, and I told him I felt the same way about him. Although his washboard abs needed more than just my compliments. I just wanted to place my tongue between every one of his muscles.

Brother / Sister Fantasies come true!!

Thinking about it made me cream my panties a little. It was like he could smell my horny cunt. I could see his cock start to push against the inside of his shorts. I whimpered a little bit and sucked in my lower lip. He asked if I could show him where the toilet paper was in my parents bathroom. While it had been some time since he was there last, I knew his true intentions.

Yet, I went anyway. Once in there he admitted that ever since he was a little boy he had these dreams about me. I did not tell him that I felt the same. Instead opened my parent’s’ bathroom door to their bedroom and laid back. I told him to show me exactly what he was dreaming about. His face dove into my pussy and he began to lick me all over. I moaned out and pulled my tits from my top. I tried to be quiet, but it was so hard, it is safe to say his dreams were really good. I covered my brother’s face in my sweet cum. We did not fuck that day, but we would very soon. I wanted his cock as much as he wanted my pussy!

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