My Big Brother’s First Experience With Anal Sex

I’ve had just about every taboo, incestual experience you can have with my big brother. But the one thing I’ve never been able to get him to do is have anal sex with his ‘lil sis!

In fact, he’s never had anal sex with ANYONE before! When I bring it up, you’d think I’m suggesting the HE get fucked in the ass, not me! He won’t even talk about it for some reason! I think he’s just scared, and afraid to admit that he’s scared because it’s something new. I think he’d rather try it with someone besides me first, so if he messes up somehow, I don’t ever have to know about it!

Tonight after work, I am unleashing my genius plan to talk him into having anal sex for the first time – with his dirty little sister! After all, if an incest fuck is hotter than a regular fuck – wouldn’t anal sex with your ‘lil sis be hotter than anal sex with anyone else? My big brother is fuckin’ sexy, and he deserves the best. What he doesn’t realize is that I’ve had anal sex probably just as much as I’ve had my hot little pussy fucked! It might be his first time? But it’s not mine! If I can just loosen him up enough to try it.

I know I would give him the ass fuck experience of a lifetime!

He loves it when I whip up drinks for him. The bar I work at is sort of high-end trendy. So I know how to serve up all the hottest, newest drinks! (Yes, even that fancy shit that has bacon or beef jerky in it! Personally, I’d just rather someone pour me a shot of tequila and hand me a lime!) I experiment on him sometimes with my concoctions. Hopefully, later tonight after he’s had a few of my “special” drinks, he’ll be experimenting on my ass. With his cock! =)

I know if I get him just the right amount of tipsy, I can sweet talk him into sliding that hard, throbbing dick deep inside his sister’s tight little nether region and ass fuck her til he busts a HUGE nut right inside!

As some of you know very well – I can be pretty damn persuasive!
Call me up tomorrow, and I’ll give you a play by play of the anal sex seduction!

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