Brother Sister Sex: Sometimes All A Girl Can Think About Is Her Sibling

It was early on a Sunday morning when I woke up extremely horny. All that night I just had one dream and one dream only. It was to have my big brother deep inside me, giving me the best brother sister sex of my entire life. I got up and waited for him. My brother usually runs every single morning and that’s how he keeps himself so deliciously fit. When he came downstairs, he was shirtless and I was on the counter, with my legs spread wide open and ready.

Obviously, he didn’t get the hint. He and I had never actually done anything. Though I did see in his computer one day that he has been looking at hot incest porn. I’ve always wondered if he wanted me. If perhaps he had at some point called a phone sex line just to talk about his hot sister. He asked what I was doing up so early and I just smiled and said nothing. Mind you, I was only wearing a thin old t-shirt and a pair of cotton panties. Before he left though I needed him to taste me. And how did I do that you might ask? Well, all I had to do was take it. YES! You read that right. I got on my knees, pulled his shorts down and took what I wanted.

My brother was surprised but never stopped me. He tried saying no a few times but when the tip of his cock touched the back of my throat he started saying yes.

This is exactly what I had imagined when I thought about brother sister sex.

I loved slobbering on his meat stick. In fact, just feeling it throb made my tight cunt extra dripping wet. Oh, and you best believe he was going to taste it. I stood up and guided his hand in between my legs. My brother felt just how juicy I was. Then, I took those wet fingers and licked them off. My brother picked me up and I was again on the counter. He spread my legs wide open and started devouring my cunt. Never had I ever had my pussy eaten like that. It was so good, in a matter of just minutes my brother made me cum. My juices were dripping down my ass crack and just when I thought it couldn’t have gotten better, he licked my puckered butthole.

By this time I was ready. I wanted the brother sister sex I had been craving so I started begging. When my brother had had enough of my “please fuck me”‘s, he shoved his cock deep in my tight pussy. He fucked me as no one has ever had. Looking straight into my eyes, passionately. Kissing me while he was fucking me. Before I knew I had come on his cock. My pussy tightens but he didn’t stop there. He just kept fucking me the only way a loving brother would. Once he was ready to cum he put me back on my knees and sprayed his hot load on my pretty face, just in time for breakfast.

When our mom came downstairs she asked him if he had had a good work out. Smiling he said yes, and that I had gone with him. Little did she know, the workout we did was on her kitchen counter.

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