Brother sister sex story with a hot twist

Brother sister sex story.  Can I even call it that?  I don’t actually fuck my brother.  I more or less fuck with my brother.  My boyfriend snuck through my bedroom window when I texted him that everyone had gone to bed.  As soon as he was inside, he was all over me, groping my big tits and squeezing my round ass.  I could feel his massive, hard bulge pressed against me.  It was the main reason that he was my boyfriend.  What girl could say no to a hot piece of meat like that?

What I didn’t know was that I was being spied on!

My little brother was in my closet, wearing my panties and watching me take my boyfriend’s cock down my throat.  I’m not even his step-sister or anything and my little brother was stroking his tiny little cock while watching me suck a real one.  Who even does that?  Oh but things get better.  I heard footsteps coming down the hall.  Apparently, the house wasn’t as asleep as I thought.

Daddy was Coming!

I told my boyfriend to hide in the closet while I quickly threw on some PJ’s.  When daddy came in, I was innocently reading my bible by lamplight.  He smiled at me and told me it’s time to get to bed and, like always, gave me a kiss goodnight…on the lips.  I wonder if he could smell or even taste cock on my lips.  I wonder if he secretly knew what I had just been doing.

My Brother and Boyfriend were having their own Adventure

The jig was up for my little brother.  He had been caught and there was no explaining his way out of this one.  his cock, tiny as it was, was hard and he wore the special pink silk panties that I have been looking for weeks!  Instead of giving my brother up immediately, my boyfriend had an idea.  Closing the closet door behind him, he forced my little brother back on his knees and made him pick up where I left off.  Finally, daddy left.  I went to the closet to retrieve my boyfriend, only to find his cock being guzzled down by my shitty little brother!  What?!

“Why are you in my closet?  What are you doing in my panties?  WHY are you sucking Chad’s cock?!”

Then I stopped asking questions because they really didn’t need answering.  I always knew he was a little sissy and said, “You know what?  Teach him a lesson, Chad.  Make him choke on it.  Show the little fag that it’s not nice to spy on his big sister.”

And, boy, did he.  Teaching my brother this lesson was so much fun.  So much cum &  lube.  Ton’s of my boyfriend’s friends from his football team to invite over now.  This night was only just beginning.

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