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A good brother sister sex story is a real diamond.  Admit it, every guy out there has had a fantasy of fucking his sister or step-sister.  The forbidden fruit is just too good!  Plus, who would know you better than your family member?  I know you have!  Even if you never got the chance to act on it, there is always a good free incest sex story here are the Kinky Kingdom, so foot lovers, listen to what happens when I got my beautiful little feet wrapped around my brother’s cock!

We were sitting in the hot tub together and me, being the flirty bitch that I am, could tell he was feeling a little bit nervous, trying to make it look like he wasn’t staring at my gorgeous round tits barely held together in my bathing suit top!  I decided to gently move my feet over the growing mound in his pants. I was right, he was getting rock hard for his sister!

His face got so red, but I wasn’t done yet.  It was just too much fun.

I used my feet to slowly slide down his swim trunks, using my toes to tickle his balls underwater and kneading my feet into his chest.  You could tell he loved it, but he didn’t want to risk dad coming out to see!  I totally took advantage, after making sure his prick was the hardest I had ever fest, I started to slowly jerk his cock with my feet.  My arches are so perfect for stroking my brother’s cock, and I was so pleased to see him shiver and cum so big.  It floated up to the water!

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