Brother Sister Sex Story Gone Wrong… Or Totally Right! You be the judge!!

My favorite times were always when my brother would sneak into my night while Mommy and Daddy were asleep. We would enjoy some super naughty Brother Sister Sex Story Fun! Have you ever thought about being super naughty with your little sister?

I would love to tell you about one of my favorite times in the best phone sex Brother Sister Sex Story !!

One night while I was fast asleep in my bed, I felt something touching me. I laid there pretending to be asleep trying not to freak out, as I slowly turned to see who it was. At first, I didn’t recognize their face but It didn’t take me to terribly long to make me realize. It was my older brother sitting beside me softly stroking my hot young body!

At first, I started to slightly panic until I remembered how close we were and that I had always had a crush on him! Before I knew it, I was slowly parting my legs for him inviting him back inside to play with my super naughty spot! It was totally amazing! I loved the way he touched me so much!

He told me as we laid there that night in each other’s arms softly caressing each other how much he liked me. Also that he had been ready to come and touch me for so long. So, he was scared that I would freak out and tell Mom and Dad! I was totally shocked! There was totally now way I was ever going to tell on him, I wanted him just as bad as he wanted me!! I could tell he had been wanting this for so long by how hard he came deep inside of me!

You know you want this too! Let’s live out your fantasies and mine in this naughty phone sex world!


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