All I Want For Christmas Is My Own Brother Sister Sex Story

Brother sister sex story is something that always gets my kinky little slut puss dripping. So much so that when a client called in with incest phone sex I was down! Warning the following kinky sex story is going to have you wishing you were under the same erotic hypnosis as the pair of us!

It was Christmas Eve and my brother and I was getting ready for the annual charity ball my family attended. Unfortunately, this year my parents were not going to be in attendance, so that would leave us to shoulder the brunt of the entertainment. Normally Mom and Dad would dress up as Mister and Misses Clause giving out goodies to all the girls and boys in attendance. Luckily my brother had his own plan. Tucked away in the back of the closet was a box from a few Christmas’ ago. It had been mailed from our crazy Aunt who was known for her quirky sense of gifting.

A brother sister sex story fit for the holiday season!

He brought the brown box to the table and I opened it up. Inside has tucked a note that read; Save this for a time when you have a real special lady. Remember, why be nice when you could be naughty. Love, Your Favorite Crazy Aunt! Neither of us thought anything more about the note reaching in to pull out a rather hot set of Clause outfits. We pulled them out holding them up to our bodies and chuckling. Then, the two of us decided it was a great plan to cheer up the children. He headed into his bedroom and I went into the bathroom, and we changed into our outfits.

However, immediately upon seeing my brother, I began to feel as though something was wrong. However, the wrong feeling quickly turned into lust. My skin became covered in goosebumps and a shiver ran down my spine. The way that his Christmas package looked in those Santa pants was doing more than just turning me on. Frankly, I could tell he felt the same as those Santa pants began to pop a giant tent.  Without hesitation, he belted out “Oh I have quite the present for you Mrs. Clause!” He began to undo the big black buckle on his pants and like a ravenous reindeer, I licked my chops.

What sort of madness could make siblings lust for each other’s bodies?

For a moment he paused, his hand shoved down the front of his pants and staring off in space. Suddenly he shook his head as if he was snapping to. He began to question what was going on, asking if it was wrong for a brother and a sister to have these feelings. However, when I reached forward to console my brother, now confused myself the bells on the bottom of my dress jingled. Suddenly, my brother and I were face to face standing under the mistletoe. I had one thing on my Christmas list this year and it was Mr. Clause’s stiff woody! He lunged towards me claiming “I want to eat your milk and cookie, Mrs. Clause,” and shoving me back onto the kitchen table.

He dove right between my legs holding my thighs in his hand. He chuckled and ho-ho-hoed all over my dripping wet sister cunt. Moan’s left my lips as I urged Mister Clause to show me his North Pole. For a moment he paused again “Wait, what about the children?” In a shock to the fact my brother had my juices all over his lips I sat up, jingling the bells on my skirt again. Instantly we both snapped right back to the task at hand, each other. “Oh Mrs. Clause, I’ll be cumming down your chimney tonight,” my brother shouted letting a loud bassy laugh release straight from his gut.

Brother Santa was going to fill me with every inch of his Holiday cheer!

I bent over the table and he slapped his hand across my ass. Lining his cock up with my very horny dripping wet cunt he let out another laugh. Ho-Ho-Ho! I yelled out whimpering “OH, CHRISTMAS TREE!” His hands wrapped around my hips as he thrust in and out of me alongside the jingles of the holiday bells on my skirt. We couldn’t think about the children or the festivities that we were missing. All we could think of was how bad we wanted to please each other. It was all at the hands of our Crazy Aunt’s holiday gift, a magic Santa Outfit that was meant to assist him in breeding.

However, we were just reaching that part of the magical spell suits! He yelled out that he wanted to show my cervix a white Christmas. My cunt began to flood itself as I was getting more turned on. Suddenly I could feel my womb glowing like the Christmas tree at Rockafeller Plaza! I needed to breed a Christmas time spawn and it had to be with my beloved Mister Clause. I begged for his seed singing out and begging for his load. Grabbing my waist he smashed me until he blew with a “Merry Christmas to all, and to Mrs. Clause a baby tonight!” Needless to say, this brother sister sex story had a Christmas bundle of joy finish!


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