Brother Sister Sex Story: If You Found Out She Was, What Would You Do?

Dear Perverts, I was recently inspired but a real-life story of someone I know and it got me thinking about a brother sister sex story. I’m curious you pervs, what would you do if you didn’t know the person you were fucking was related to you? You incest lovers will love the news that this happens more than a lot of people think. Some people think it’s hot, some horrifying. Rich people still inbreed, so it’s not just those rascally Blue Fugates that get down with brother/sister fucking. Nope. Apparently, lots of people do it.

One of my college boyfriends was and probably is still desperately in love with his cousin.


Yes, it’s true. He had one foot out of the door, waiting for her to annul her marriage (to a non-relative). A couple of times he accidentally referred to her as his girlfriend. I’m not gonna lie, there was a part of me that thought it was a little twisted, but a little hot. Not a brother sister sex story but they were just as close.


A girlfriend of mine moved across the country and met a real catch on Tinder, only to find out after they’d been fucking for months that they’re cousins.


Did they stop fucking? You better believe they didn’t.


My own cousin married a boy I went to school with who I never even knew was my cousin…until they were engaged.


I mean, I always liked the guy…sometimes thought about fucking him myself…


But let’s bring it back to the brother sister sex story and imagine this scenario…


Say you were adopted as a baby. Totally removed from your siblings, never knew if you even had any. As an adult, you meet someone you have an instant connection to and the chemistry is out of control…and then after 6 months of explosive, unprotected sex and maybe even talk of the future, you find out that person is your sister. I know you incest-loving pervs would love this. But here’s the question…would you think the sex was even hotter after finding out? Would your cock get harder inside her pussy? Would you cum harder inside her knowing she’s your sister?

I know I’m twisted, but something about that turns me on.


Feeling naughty? Want to play out some kind of naughty brother sister sex story? You can be my long lost brother, my step brother or even my evil, horny brother who’s been lusting after me for years. Don’t be shy, pervs. It’s just phone sex

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