Brother Sister Sex Story Peeping John Gets MORE than a PEEK

Brother sister sex story part 1

So Brother Sister Sex story continues…

Stepping out from the shower and while I was toweling I heard fast footsteps in the hall. I knew it was Johnny. I thought to myself for a split second, “Johnny isn’t watching me, he likes hot older college girls.” But, I knew how jealous he acted when his friends flirted with me the least little bit. My Big brother was watching me.

Mom and dad weren’t home, and no one else was either, except he and I. So I put on my panties and T-shirt, and I proceed to go into his room. When I walked in he was lying in bed, with his TV on, reading a rag mag, and the covers were pulled wayyyyy up. Our conversation went something like this:

“Johnny, were you just watching me take a shower?”
“What the fuck are you talking about Anna? I’ve been right here the whole time. Now get the fuck outta my room!”
“Um, I would’ve sworn I just heard you going into your room, and I felt like someone was watching me while I was showering, you sure you weren’t watching me?
“Anna, don’t be a dumbass, you’re my sister, and it’s not like you’ve even got big tits or anything..”

“Pull the cover down then Johnny”
“Huh? Anna Get OUT!”
“Pull the cover down, and I’ll get out, and leave you alone”
“I SAID GET OUT, don’t make me CALL MOM AT WORK!”

I finally got smart, inched my way close to the end of his bed and yanked the covers off. To my surprise, my brother wearing boxers had the plaid bowers pushed down under his cock and balls, and lotion was beside him.
I had a surprised look on my face.

“Hmmm, you weren’t watching me?… Hey, Maybe I should call MOM, and tell her what a fuckin perv she has for a SON…hmmmm?”

“Anna NO, ok, ok. I’m a fuckin perv. Don’t tell mom. I promise I won’t watch you again”

I Moved over and sat on the edge of Johnnie’s bed. “Ok, I WON’T Tell mom….. if”
His eyebrows arched. “IF…WHAT?”
I smiled, looking down at him, losing his boner. ” IF… you let me touch it.”

I Laughed as I petted his leg, and he jumped. “Didn’t bother you a few minutes ago.”
I was gently rubbing my fingers on his thigh.

“Please Johnny, I just wanna see what it feels like. I wanna make it BIG like on that movie we got out of moms top drawer, you know where they do things, and they get all moany, and then all this stuff comes out!” I was so excited.

Watching as Johnny swallowed hard and then he guided my hand onto his cock. Helping me learn, gently leading the way. I found my rhythm instantly. I’m a quick learner. I only got to pull on it a few times, before we made the stuff cum out. But then again, Johnny and me, we have a lot more than JUST one brother sister sex story.

Wanna hear how hot it got with my Big Brother?

Our Brother sister sex story just started off innocent, it didn’t end that way.

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