I ended up learning so much more about my brother.

My younger sister was finally turning 21 and my brother and I decided to throw her a big party. My mom took my brother’s kids for the night so he and his wife could both go. We rented a party bus and got the show on the road! We started off at the clubs. Going around the world making our little sister do shots from every bar in each club. My brother’s wife was keeping up with my sister but by the last club she was stumbling out the door to the bus.

I wasn’t really that surprised. My brother and his wife don’t get many nights out without the kids so when my mom offered to take them, it was on. I could tell that his mind was on other things as I watched them dance next to my boyfriend and I. My brother had his hands all over his wife as my little sister was off dancing with some guys she had met. We kept a close eye on her and watched as they continued giving her drink after drink. By the time the bar was closing my little sister and my  brother’s wife were both stumbling out of the club to the bus.

As we rode along I could see my brother sliding his hand up his wife’s dress playing with her pussy as I was trying to get my boyfriend to respond to me. Unfortunately, he seemed really tired and I just hoped that he would make it until we got home. I was planning on some hot fucking sex tonight after our dancing and watching my brother trying to secretly finger his wife’s pussy across from me.

As we pulled up to my mom’s house where we had all met up we helped my sister into the house first and then came my brother’s wife. She was passed out! Nothing was waking her and I knew he was going to need help getting her home. My boyfriend said he was tired and was just going to head back to our place and to help my brother out with his wife. I was so fucking frustrated at this point that I told him to just go and I’d be there shortly.

It took both my brother and I to get the dead weight of his wife off of the bus, into his SUV and then into his house. We had to get her up the stairs and in bed which was another feat in itself. She wasn’t a big girl, but she wasn’t tiny either. He and I both laughed as we got her into bed and headed out of the room. He could tell I was frustrated and he asked what was going on. I told him that I guess we were both not getting any tonight.

He looked at me and said he was kind of used to it but he didn’t understand how my boyfriend could deny me. I told him that he does all the time. When my brother put his hand on face cupping it in his hand I looked up at him questioningly. His thumb gently stroked my cheek as he told me that I was beautiful and that I should always get what I wanted. I was kind of taken back because my brother wasn’t like this with me. I mean he was older than me so it was more of the “tease the shit out of your little sister role” that we always played.

So I knew he was a nice guy, but this was just not something I was used to. I always listened to my friends telling me how hot my brother was. I thought he was cute, but he was my brother. It wasn’t until this moment that I saw what they did. I actually started to get butterflies in my stomach as his hand sent tingles down my face, through my body and straight to my needy pussy. As his hand slid from my face down my neck he said he always thought I was beautiful. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss to my lips and that was all it took.

The need for pleasure overtook us both. His wife was asleep upstairs and we both needed this release. I turned around and undid my pants. As I did, his hand slid into my waistband and as I pulled them down his hand went with them until he found my dripping pussy. I kneeled on the couch and held onto the back of it as he positioned himself behind me. I told him to hurry up before I changed my mind. Then I heard him pulling down his pants and then felt his cock against my pussy from behind. I almost stopped him but then I felt the head of his dick pushing into me and holy fucking shit!!

I had no idea my brother was so big. He started stretching my pussy open with his big cock and all I could do was moan. I could tell he didn’t want me to change my mind because he grabbed onto my hips and pulled me onto him. Inch after inch stretched me open even more. One of his hands were on my hip and the other gripped my big breast as I leaned down to bury my face into the back of the couch. I didn’t want to wake up his wife with my moaning.

He fucked me hard until I came all over his dick. I felt him tensing up inside of me and before I could even stop him he was filling my unprotected pussy with his cum. He pumped in and out of me a few more times before sliding his deflating cock from my dripping pussy. I pulled up my pants that now had my cum along with my brother’s all over them and turned to him.

I told him not to tell anyone what happened and he laughed asking who the hell he was going to tell. So I gave him a big hug and walked out the front door. I drove to my house and got into bed next to my sleeping boyfriend. The next morning I woke to him playing with my pussy. He asked me if I was having a good dream because my pussy was wet as fuck! OH SHIT!! I was so tired when I came home that I didn’t even bother cleaning up the load that my brother had left inside of me! My boyfriend was playing in the mess HAHAHA!!! Well, I guess that’s what he gets for falling asleep on me!!

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