Waiting For That Brother Sister Incest, Was Well Worth The Wait!

Waiting for that brother sister incest, was well worth the wait! The first time I let brother fuck me, certainly wasn’t the last and worth every sinful second! I remember it so clearly as if it were yesterday! I got up super early that morning and I just couldn’t get back to sleep, which was really annoying. Love sleeping in and waking up with my covers all snuggled around me. It was my brother’s fault, but it usually is, he knows just how to push my buttons. It was some hot Brother Sister Incest!

I was visiting our parents from college and he was there too, so instead of a gentle wake up call from my alarm clock, I got the ‘bang the cupboards and pots, as loud as you can while making breakfast’ call. That woke me out of a deep sleep and I was already annoyed. I thought of a long, hot shower would relax me right away, so I grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom. I stayed in there, until every single drop of hot steamy water was gone, besides I love playing with my pussy in a hot steam filled shower. Then I pulled back the curtain and was about to grab my towel, when I saw my brother sitting on the edge of the toilet and just fucking staring at me.

It was very erotic and I could barely contain myself!

“Ummm what the fuck are you doing?” I asked as I got out of the tub. I didn’t bother covering myself up; he’s seen me naked plenty of times before, I mean we’re a really close family and have no problems with being naked, it’s not sexual or anything…or at least it wasn’t. “Waiting for you,” he said and stood up. I went to the sink so I could brush my hair and saw him come up behind me in the mirror. His eyes were down on my ass and I asked him jokingly if he liked what he saw. He told me he preferred touch to the site and put his arms around me, a little alarmed, I pushed back and told him to leave.

Looking is one thing, but touching is totally different. He told me to relax and to just give in to him. At first, I was hesitant, but then again he’s fucking hot and I’ve always wanted to feel him inside of me. A hand rubbed across my stomach, while the other one snaked down to my pussy and he rubbed his finger over the top of my lips. The gentle nudging felt nice and I parted my legs for him, while still standing at the sink and watching him in the mirror. He pushed the tips of his fingers in and began to move them in and out slowly, teasing me.

“Come on.” I said, getting frustrated, “Stop teasing me, either fuck me or don’t!”.

He seemed to know how my pussy loves being played with and a finger wasn’t doing much to please me, but he kept doing it until I broke and begged him to fuck me. And I do mean BEG!

He bent me all the way over the counter, took his leg to spread mine further apart and pushed his fingers in deeper and moved them faster until I was wet then he stepped back and with my hands behind me, undid his jeans. He pushed me forward, even more, my body pressing into the sink as he kicked my legs even further apart. I felt his tip rub on my lips, then I stretched around him as he entered me inch by glorious inch. When he was in, he vigorously began thrusting his hips back and forth and I felt my orgasm start to get closer right away.

When I say I’ve fantasized about this moment for years, I mean it. My pussy throbbed, ached and the tingled around him. I gripped the edge of the sink and told him to fuck me harder. Strands of wet hair fell in my face, as he rammed into me and the pain of the sink digging into me made me bite my lower lip. He was grunting and I wished he’d keep quiet; our parents would be awake by now, but he kept grunting and groaning like cumming was all he cared about and I just figured fuck it and joined him with my moans and grunts.

I clenched my pussy around him and my walls were hit harder as he moved past them.

He swore under his breath at the extra pressure and gave two hard shoves. He fell forward as he came inside me and I rocked on him, pushing myself over the edge, just then I could feel the rush of energy surge my clit and I exploded all over him! Then he pulled out of me and my stomach felt bruised as I pushed myself up off the sink. He put himself back in his jeans and said: “Breakfast is ready, better get down there before mom and dad wonder what’s taking you so long.” Oh and by the way..

Don’t you just love Brother Sister Incest?

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