Whatever happens on your way to Vegas, stays there, right? I wonder if that goes for brother sister incest. I might have had to tweak that saying but only because I am almost sure mom and dad wouldn’t approve of my taboo cravings. It happened on our way to a family wedding. One of our uncles was set to be married in a very tacky Vegas ceremony, obviously the only reason we didn’t complain about it was because he offered to pay for everyone’s accommodations. My brother and I ended up flying in a day after everyone and it was then that we joined the high mile club.

I had barely slept the night before our flight, not because I couldn’t but because I spent most of my night fucking my boy toy at the time. Even though I came a lot of times, during our flight I just couldn’t stop myself from feeling very horny. My brother and I had always been close, sometimes a bit too close, but since he stared dating his new girlfriend it was like if I didn’t exist, and this was my chance to seduce him.

I started gently rubbing the inside of his thighs. He didn’t think much of it until I placed the blanket in both of our laps and didn’t waste any time pulling his soft cock out. I started rubbing, even spit in my hand to add some lubrication. Of course I was always careful and making sure no one looking. Once he got hard, he actually stopped me and told me to quit. I was really upset, and after going through a few bottles of water I ended up having to go to the bathroom.

As I was almost out of there I get a text that says let me in. I knew we were about to have some fun.  My brother sister incest high mile club fantasy was about to become a reality. He came in and didn’t say anything. He pulled his hard cock and bent me over, facing the door. He just pushed his hard cock inside me, and I wasn’t even wet. I felt with each time he pumped inside me how wet I became me. I’ve always loved angry fucking, and my brother was angry I got him all hot bothered. He came deep inside my cunt. Giving me a nice hot cream pie, just what I needed to take off the edge before landing.

Brother Sister Incest Fantasies

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