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I had a date with Davon last night. My big bro gets SO jealous when he knows I’m going out with him! That’s because he knows I’m gonna be getting pounded with that big fat chocolate dick; instead of staying home and fucking him. He’s greedy about his ‘lil sister’s tight pussy – he wants to be the only one who buries his cock deep inside me and fucks me. (He’s gonna SHIT himself when I finally get knocked up with a little half-black baby by either Davon or Jay!) It’s easier on him when he’s away at school. He doesn’t see me getting ready; sliding into my sexy bra and panties; putting on thigh highs and a garter belt, because Davon really loves that; etc.

Yesterday he found a way to fuck me and make Davon take his sloppy brother sister incest seconds! He had been following me around all afternoon, begging me to stay in with him instead of keeping my date. But, I assumed he had finally retired to his bedroom, giving up on the idea of getting me to stay home. I carefully picked out some lacy red panties trimmed in black and the matching bra; also some black thigh highs, garter belt, and high heels. And lastly, my little black dress which wouldn’t be on my body for more than 3 minutes once Davon got me alone. I glanced at my watch and hurried into the bathroom; if I didn’t shower soon I was gonna wind up being late!

I turned on the water, adjusted the temperature, and slipped into the shower, shutting the clear shower door behind me. The hot, steamy water felt awesome running over my body; I soaped up my hands with scented body wash, and they joined the party. I soaped my shoulders and arms; then my cute ‘lil perky tits; my hands slid over my stomach, gently soaping. I paused for a few minutes as I soaped up my hot little pussy. It excited me, thinking about my jealous big brother, and that big black cock I was gonna have balls deep inside me later on! I rubbed, a little longer than necessary, letting out a soft little moan. Then I reluctantly moved down to my legs, soaping my thighs, calves, and last of all my pretty little feet with their freshly french manicured toes.

I rinsed myself off and started lathering up my hair. As I threw my head back and let the water pour over my face and head, I felt a sudden rush of cool air as the shower door opened! I shook my head and wiped my eyes, opening them up to see my big bro standing in the shower, grinning at me. Then I took one look at him and knew immediately that he had hot taboo brother sister incest sex on his mind! I started to protest, but he grabbed me, pulled me against his hot, muscular body, and shoved his mouth roughly down onto mine. I felt his beautiful cock stirring against me, and I knew I was going to let my big brother fuck my hot little pussy before I went out with my BBC fuck buddy!

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