Brother Sister Incest Fantasies with Sweet Adriana

Brother sister incest fantasies are so hot, and I know you love hearing them from me. Well I have another one for you. It involves my big brother and of course our favorite hobby, video games. A lot of you may know that I am a light gamer. One of my favorite games being Call of Duty. Well, Infinite Warfare is upon us and since I recently got a PS4 I got the chance to play it this weekend. To my surprise, my brother let me take charge for once.

I was so excited to start playing. I downloaded the beta and it took me awhile to find a game. I wasn’t expecting my brother to burst into my door but since PS4 got the beta a week earlier than XBOX, he want it to play with me. We finally joined up and started playing. We stayed in the same lobby for a while till he had get something to drink. By the way, I was wearing little tiny shorts and a tee. When he came back in the room that’s when things got very, very interesting.

He sat next to me and when he started touching my tits. Making it seem like he want it me to lose my kill streak. It started feeling too good and I could feel my pussy getting really wet. His hand sort of slid down south and he started playing with my pussy. After that it was all history! He laid on the bed and I sat on his face. My bare ass smothered his face while I played. He grabbed onto my hips and it felt so good every time he licked and sucked on my clit.

Just before ending a match I came super hard! I knew he would be covered in my juices. Maybe next week when the beta opens up for XBOX I can return the favor.

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