Brother Sister Incest Baby

My brother and I knew all too well that incest was best.  He was only two years older than me, so when he hit puberty, his mind got a little wild.  He would always find reasons to come into my room while I was getting dressed, come into the shower and talk to me, or even climb into my bed and snuggle.  When I reached the age where my hormones were raging as well, we just couldn’t help but mess around.  It almost came naturally to us.

We didn’t even think it was wrong at first.  Two sexy siblings are bound to mess around with each other from time to time, right?  No one had even gotten around to giving us the birds and the bees talk yet.  We started out just making out and feeling each other up.  That soon  let to hand jobs and fingering.  It wasn’t long before we were getting really naughty, going down on each other, and even fucking.

How many girls can say their brother took their virginity?

It was like we became addicted to each other.  We were fucking every day, sometimes multiple times a day.  We never used condoms and the feeling of my brother’s cum inside my pussy turned me on.  I didn’t think my brother would ever get me pregnant… But I guess you could say we were young and dumb.  You can’t be a cum slut and not get pregnant.

After about a year of us fucking I missed my period.  Then I missed two, then three.  I couldn’t believe my brother put a baby inside of me, but I was happy and excited too.  The thought of his cum turning into our baby turned me on even more.  We couldn’t stop fucking now.  Its wasn’t like I could get pregnant twice.  Being my brother’s cum slut was the best time of my life!

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