Lust at a young age is so sweet. The rush of sneaking around and the possibility of getting caught makes it all the more exciting. When I was younger I was awkward looking. Very tall and skinny no breast or ass just a thin rail. Nobody ever looked my way I was a plain Jane. I was so glad once my breast started to develop, they were nice and perky. I also developed a nice round ass, all of a sudden everyone paid attention to me, including my pervert brother. My brother was 4 years older than me, and as soon as I came into my looks I used to catch him staring at me. One day our parents were both at work and I just finished volley ball practice, I felt sticky so I jumped in the shower. I was in such a hurry to shower I forgot to close the door, I felt like someone was watching me while I was in the shower. I pulled the shower curtain back and my brother was standing there looking at my naked body. I was horrified. He had the biggest boner in his shorts. My brother wanted me for himself, I felt uncomfortable but I felt sexy as he stared at me like I was a piece of art work. I put a towel on and ran to my room. He told me he was sorry and didn’t mean to startle me. He said I just want to give you a kiss sis one kiss and I will leave you alone. I agreed and he dropped to his knees and kissed my pussy lips. I fell back on the bed and opened up like a blooming flower. He devoured my pussy, it was incest but his warm tongue lapping up my pussy juices felt so good. I needed it, I wanted more. I craved his thick hard cock. He pulled his cock out and rubbed his mushroom head on my clit. It was driving me crazy. I heard someone coming up the stairs, it was our mother, we can’t get caught this is forbidden incest. Did we get caught?? Call me and find out and if you have incest stories you want to tell me about I’d love to hear them!