I can’t believe my brother inlaw used me!

My brother inlaw had always been flirty but I never thought he would take advantage of me. We had a party at their house for my sister’s birthday. The drinks were strong and the shots were plenty. Needless to say, I drank way too much and ended up staying the night. I passed out on the couch in the living room. Almost everyone had left so I wasn’t too worried about being the party pooper. The only people that were still awake were my brother inlaw and a couple of his friends. My sister had gone to bed as her last friend left.

I could still hear my brother inlaw talking to his friends in the kitchen as I drifted off. I felt someone rub up against my inner thigh but I was so drunk that it all felt like a dream. His fingers slid between my legs and I involuntarily parted them a little more to give my dream lover better access. I felt my dress being tugged down to expose my tits from the top then a hand greedily squeezing them. My leg was tugged until my ass was close to the edge of the couch and my panties pulled to the side.

I felt his mouth on my pussy as he continued fingering me and I let out a moan as I drifted in and out of consciousness. I was felt his cock pressing against my entrance and started to wake a little more. As he slid into me I heard him moan and whisper how tight my pussy was. He grabbed my thighs and started fucking as fast as he dared but didn’t want to wake me. I was still in a half passed out stupor and thought it was just an amazing dream.

His cock felt so fucking good inside of me!

My pussy was dripping wet and it didn’t take long for him to finish. What I didn’t expect was for him to explode inside of me. This had to be a dream because I wasn’t on the pill and there is no way I would have let a man fill my fertile womb with his seed. As he drew his deflating cock out of me he placed my panties back over my cum filled pussy and stood up. I could have sworn it was my brother inlaw that then said, “I knew you’d be a good fuck” before leaving the room.

I thought I dreamt the whole thing until I got up the next morning to go to the bathroom. My sticky pussy was proof that I had definitely been fucked the night before. It was one of the hottest fucks I’d had in a long time. Maybe it was because I was passed out and loved being woken up to fuck. Or maybe it was because I knew that it was my brother-in-law and it was one of those forbidden things. I sure as hell hope my sister never finds out because if she does then it might never happen again.

Is it bad that I am turned on by the fact that my brother inlaw fucked me while I was passed out? Well, I guess it’s probably worse that I want it to happen again! Have you ever done anything to your wife’s or girlfriend’s sister? I’d love your insight on this!!

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