My Older Brother Got What He Really Wanted

My older brother was so cocky, I mean he had a reason to be, sort of. He was the captain of the football team and the head of the baseball team and he was a straight A student. But he always said the most sexist things. He didn’t mean any harm by it – he just honestly believed that women were dainty little things, like me.

One day he came home and was talking about how a girl had tried to join the baseball team and he’d all but laughed at her. He said that he’d told her that until she was a man, she needed to stick to more girly hobbies. I was so mad! I grabbed his hand and told him he needed to come with me.

“Why? Where?” He asked.

“You’ll find out. I think you’re in denial about what you want from women, and I’m going to show you!”

I took him into my room and pushed him onto my bed, then went to my closet and pulled out my rope stash.

“What’s that??” He asked incredulously. He was kind of laughing at me, amused that I was in any way tough.

“Put your hands in front of you, wrists together,” I told him in a flat tone.

“Haha ok Little Sis,” He was grinning. He had no idea what was coming. I bound his wrists together, tying them tight enough that I knew he couldn’t escape – I knew he’d want to.

“Now lay down on your stomach, with your hands holding my headboard.”

Brother tied to bed

“Ok Little Sis, but I think you’re being ridiculous,” He said. I didn’t bother responding. I tied his hands to my headboard nice and tight. He wouldn’t be able to get free no matter how strong he was. I grinned and grabbed his ass.

“Sis! What the hell??” He said, as I flipped him over and undid his belt, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans.

“Seriously Sis, what are you doing! Let me up! Let me go!”

“No,” I said grinning, yanking his pants and boxers down and giggling as a long, hard, throbbing cock sprang free and my brother blushed furiously.

“What are you doing!? STOP!” He yelled as I yanked his pants all the way down his ankles, then pulled out my phone and snapped four or five pics of him tied to my bed with his boner out for everyone to see.

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