Brother fucks best.  So, that’s the main reason for some of my erratic behavior!  At first, it was the note left for him on the counter at home:

“Dear, Brother.
So, I guess you’re wondering where I am and why I’ve left you this short missive.  The answer will becum apparent upon entry into your bedroom. And, there she is!  That little red-haired slut that you drool over. All tied up like a pretty little package.  You wanted her…right?  So, now cums the fun part!”
She, eyes-wide on the bed, is mumbling something to him and casting her eyes toward her now dripping pussy.
“So, you two thought you would get away with it, huh?  Running around behind my back?”
His fingers reached her pussy and, just as he begin to probe, his fingers touched upon something.  So, paper?  In her pussy?  Retrieving the paper, he found another note from me.  Is this some sort of twisted yet, sexy little scavenger hunt?  The note read as follows:
“Me again, Brother. You have no idea how turned on I was when I peered through your bedroom windows last night.  I thought the fantasy was to be with ME and her.  Apparently, you can’t give up the thought of her.  So, confession time, big brother!  I HAD her too!  In fact, it was only this morning as you slept.  I crept to the couch, where you had her conveniently retreat AFTER fucking her!  Trying to throw me off the scent? Well, the joke is on YOU, because she came like the little whore she is!  I’ll do it again and again to every girl you look at.  Because, YOU… are MINE!”
To  Be Continued…