So, my brother fuck continues and it’s not a pretty story.  I have resorted to some crazy shit in order to make sure what’s mine…stays mine!  Yeah, I force fucked the girl he’d been eyeing; but, let’s be clear; HE FORCED MY hand.  He brought them home thinking I wouldn’t notice; so, should I have looked the other way?  No, I won’t lie down like that.  So, consider the challenge ON!

I left my brother’s little bitch whimpering in his arms because she felt guilty about giving her SOUL to ME!  Was she feeling guilty?  Yeah, she was.  After all, she pledged herself to ME and that’s really all I’d wanted!  I needed her to know that he belongs with me because no one will ever love him like me!  It wasn’t enough that SHE knew it, ALL of his bitches needed to know it.

I had been following him; watching his secret meetings with them…the huge smile on his face when le left.  He must have been pretty damned sure of himself and his standing with me!  He was willing to risk it all and for what?  Some cheap dalliances with my sorority sisters?  I mean, how could he do it?  From them, yeah, I’d expect just about anything but, not from my big brother!

Strangely, as much as my heart hurt, my pussy was dripping with desire for him.  Possibly, more desire than ever before.  But, I couldn’t just let him get away with it.  So, now I needed to let him feel my pain.  And, pain he would feel.  I’ll fuck them all until there’s no choice left, except to be with me. I know he loves me too!

Continued Later…

A Sister’s Love Is Undeniable.


No One Will Love You Like Baby Sis.