How I Became a Submissive Fuck Toy

When we were in high school, my brother saw me taking money from my dad’s secret stash. I felt guilty but I planned on returning it once I got my first paycheck, so it felt justified. But my younger brother, being so sneaky, caught me red-handed. I knew he had been spying on me lately like a little perv but I let my guard down this one time. He threatened to tell my dad unless I suck his cock. I flat out refused but he started calling my Dad’s cell. I thought he was bluffing until he put it on speaker and it started ringing. So, I quickly got on my knees and pulled down his shorts. I had no idea that giving in at that moment just turned me into his submissive fuck toy!

When I pulled his shorts down, I honestly didn’t expect much from his cock. Boy, was I wrong! I was shocked to see a thick juicy cock. He wasn’t even hard yet but it was huge. I just stared, then my dad answered the call. My brother gave me a ‘last chance’ glance. So, I grabbed a hold of his thick beast and wrapped my glossy pink lips around his mushroom head. At that moment, he told my dad he “butt-dialed” him and hung up. My brother’s cock grew quickly in my mouth as I continued to suck on him. 

I Couldn’t Stop Thinking About It!

My brother didn’t expect me to enjoy sucking his cock as much as I did. He was surprised that I gave it my all and even sucked his balls. He moaned loudly as I deepthroated him and then gasped as he blew his load in my mouth. Afterward, he told me he’d never tell dad I stole from him. I think he thought this was a one-time blowjob. He had no idea I had just become his submissive fuck toy!  

I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock. I knew it was all so wrong. But now I wanted to fuck my brother so bad! After the blowjob, I went into my room and rubbed my clit until I came while imagining his cock inside me. Later that night, laying in bed I couldn’t stop obsessing over his cock. While our parents were in their bedroom, I quietly walked to my brother’s bedroom while he slept. I woke him up by pulling down his boxers. 

He asked what I was doing and I told him I needed his cock again. He said we shouldn’t have done it the first time but I just wrapped my mouth around his cock again. My brother’s cock became fully erect in seconds and lubed up from my mouth. I quickly took down my panties and rode his cock like I had been fantasizing about. As he was inside me, I told him I wanted to be his submissive fuck toy. From then on, I let him fuck me whenever and however he wanted. 


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