Bring In The New Year The Way Daddy Like Best!

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stay awake until midnight. I’d had a long day playing at a friend’s house and then helping daddy clean up when I got home. I’d already taken a shower and got snuggled up on the couch. I watched as mommy drank way too much alcohol. I never liked when this happened. She never feels good the next morning. Right around 10 pm, she was upstairs and out cold. That left daddy and I on the couch alone.

Now daddy and I have played together before. It’s not something new to me, but we’ve never played all the way. I love sucking on his cock and making him feel good that way, or even jerking him off while we’re in the shower. But daddy has never done more than that with me, but it was time for more. I needed more!

Around 11 o’clock I leaned over to him and slipped my hand inside his boxers. His cock was already rock hard. I could only assume that was because I had gotten naked under my blanket. He leaned over to grab the whiskey bottle and poured me a shot. As a 12-year-old little girl that shot hit me hard! But God did it make me feel amazing!

I again slipped my hand inside his pants and started to rub his cock. I wanted him to know that I was ready, and wanted him. I’d looked it up online how two people have proper sex. I wanted to give that treat to him so badly. He pushed his hand under my blanket and found my little pussy. Daddy has never touched me there before. I’m not sure why because it felt amazing.

He started to rub on my little button. A very intense feeling began to grow in my tummy. I was trying to take deep breaths between the whiskey and him rubbing me faster and faster. Everything was so overwhelming but felt amazing. As the clock neared midnight I knew what I had to do. Daddy’s pants were already off so this was going to be easy to accomplish.

I threw my legs over his lap and pushed him back in his seat. My little wet pussy was right over his cock. I moved some but felt his dick grinding against me. I pulled away and looked up at him. He was shocked to see me in his lap, with my cunt rubbing on him. He has never wanted to take my virginity, but he was going to tonight. I reach between my legs and held his cock straight up. I put my pussy lips right on top of his head and waited a moment longer. Then I slammed myself all the way down on him. The clock struck midnight at the same moment so I screamed out in pain and pleasure.

I rode daddy’s cock until we were both cumming messes! Now he can’t get enough of my pussy and fucks me nightly!

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