HOT Highway Foreplay!

The highway is the best spot for some fucking hot foreplay! It was nice out, the sun was shining, and the wind was blowing! I knew that I wanted to drive, fast! I wanted the wind to blow through my long hair, I wanted that rush! What else could I do? I HAD to call Garrett!

As soon as Garrett came over, we jumped in my car and took off towards the interstate. I was going 75 mph before I looked down at my speedometer. I set the cruise and leaned back to enjoy our cruise! Was luckily wearing my mini skirt with no panties, of course! As soon as we were on the straightaway Garrett started rubbing my smooth right thigh. It felt so good the way he was stroking my leg. I was instantly wet and wanting him to fuck me then!

I knew what I wanted! So I wanted his perfect tongue to flick my clit. He always had the best ways to get me off with his mouth! He knew what I wanted and why I called him over. When he reached closer to my pussy, he was just starting to rub my clit and I loved it! I wanted to go faster so I stepped on the throttle! My jeep took off and I was so excited!  He watched the speedometer as he was rubbing my clit; I shot him my flirty smile, and then kept my eyes on the road.

Then I felt his warm tongue on my pretty clit, flicking and sucking and mm!

It felt so damn good! I was so ready! I loved this type of foreplay with him! He started really working my pussy, he loved it, and so was I! I was about to cum and I yelled for him, “Oh shit Garrett”! He already knew and was so ready to catch all of my sweet cum. I love foreplay fun on the highway with Garrett! He never lets me down and now it almost always happens when I’m driving on the highway!

Something about going fast and feeling that tongue on my clit… It just drives me crazy!

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